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Ignite 2017 SharePoint Cliff Notes

Key takeaways from Ignite with focus on SharePoint.

Still Using Excel Spreadsheets for Project Management?

Evolve your company’s Project Management practices with the Collaborative Project Management Framework.

First Release: First look at MDM Mobile Device Management in Office 365

Office 365 Mobile Device Management is now available for early adopters and those tenants who have elected to opt into the First Release Program. I can’t tell you when you’ll get these features or if they are already released if you’re not already in…

Why I Moved to San Diego and Joined Hershey Technologies

Behind the scenes information on why Joel Oleson joined Hershey Technologies and what happened that led to the change.

SharePoint 2013 Mobile App Device Support Matrix

In preparing for my Mobile Enterprise Strategy Session in London, I put together two different mobile app support matrices.  People want to see what works on what platform.  None of this I’m calling Official.  This is my experience and from my own testing.  There…

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