Business Critical Teams: 5 Steps to What You Should Do About it!

Is Teams business critical in your organization? Are you keeping up with it? If you have resources and energy to keep up with Teams, I applaud you. Teams is the fastest growing product in Microsoft History, and clearly becoming critical to everyday work in nearly all the Fortune 500 and even small and medium business. Not just meetings, calling and chat, but running essential applications and dashboards in Teams with rich collaboration and reporting it is at the heart of the business.

Why is Teams becoming business critical? In this session we’ll dive into the Teams Platform to help you understand what matters most including key infrastructure and application platform.  In this session we’ll help you understand the most important aspects of monitoring Teams which relies on key workloads like SharePoint and Exchange and M365 groups and AzureAD.  We’ll dive into the M365 Front door and global distribution considerations. 

I’m happy to share I’m delivering a webinar on 5 key fundaments for your Microsoft 365 Teams Service Offering. This webinar is sponsored by our friends at ENOW Software. They provide solutions for those looking to ensure availability and uptime monitoring above and beyond what Microsoft provides. If you stick around till the end you’ll see their cool dashboards which are used in many critical environments where proactive response is essential.

In addition to the 5 Steps revealed in the webinar we’ll be diving into these key areas of a business critical Teams:

  • Learn the key security and compliance components to implement and monitor Teams
  • Discover the best way manage the user experience to keep your users productive
  • Learn strategies for roles and responsibilities, along with key metrics and measures, to focus your team across the ever changing workloads of Microsoft 365
  • Learn to establish ground breaking fundamentals for a center of excellence and take your service to the next level
  • Discover techniques and practical tips to increase your adoption.

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Note: If you can’t make it during the live session, go ahead and register and we’ll send you the recording and link to the powerpoint.

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