Best of Microsoft Ignite – 10 Key Takeaways

Ignite was a little different this year. Many interesting experiments in the name of Hybrid. I for one, was a little shocked with the layout and presentation of this year’s Fall Ignite 2022. From a keynote and CoreNotes that were recorded and delivered remotely to a series of “online only” pre-recorded sessions, it was weird and a little different. As someone who made the trek to Seattle to get the on the ground word on the street I was happy to have been able to catch up with Chris McNulty and Michael Holste. Key players in the story on Microsoft Syntex, Viva and Viva Engage as well as time with Karuana and Stephen Rose on Teams. Much of what really wanted to dig into I was able to find those key players to get clear answers and a little bit more. Following the event I was able to provide some engaging “after parties” in So California which were ultimately community gatherings to distill our lessons learned followed by and an event in Mexico city where I dove into security enhancements and deployment of Microsoft Purview. I absolutely had a blast in Seattle and the event was “worth it” for me, it quickly reminded me that Networking and renewing the passion is my goal for events. I enjoyed spending more time with fewer vendors in the conference room setup… far from the Expo Halls of yesteryear, but I hope and expect we’ll to get back to the mega conference mania in the coming year. Those that were around me also enjoyed the event despite some feedback about some levels of the chaos. Many new friendships…

I’m happy to share I’m delivering a “Best of Microsoft Ignite” webinar on 10 Key Takeaways on Nov 10. I don’t want to divulge all of those secrets here in this blog, but I do want to share what is top of mind for me as I walk away from Ignite and start thinking about 2023 planning. I’m going to cram a ton of announcements into a single session and try to help you walk away feeling like you know most of what happened and beyond the summaries… a focus of strategy and planning considerations.

Microsoft Ignite 10 Key Takeaways

  1. Teams Premium – There’s a lot here. Most customers need to distill these updates as most enterprises are heavily using Microsoft Teams. Investments in AI Summaries/Chapters, Action items, Guides, Security/Labels, Webinars, Translation, Virtual appointments, and more…
  2. SharePoint Online Admin Improvements including Storage Archiving to Azure / Governance/Lifecycle management.  Ton of reporting enhancements including built in governance automation. — Azure Archive for SharePoint, Backup & Lifecycle
  3. Microsoft Syntex – Document Summaries, content AI, File translation (275 languages), Document annotation…
  4. Teams & Teams Rooms Enhancements – Mesh for Teams and Avatars & SIE Enterprise/Corporate Metaverse… Quest 2 for Intune. Avatars & Immersive meetings
  5. Outlook & Teams Hybrid Features – Remote vs. Office & RSVP
  6. Power Platform Updates & Governance – Multi User editing of PowerApps, environments control, enhancements, Dashboards and Controls
  7. Microsoft Places – This could really improve our conference room finding experience and reservation experience as well as support.
  8. Viva Suite Updates – Community announcements, Storylines, Leadership corner, Viva Home, Viva Engage, and more…
  9. New Viva Apps – Pulse, Amplify, Sales… how to position and determine what to do with all these modules, and Glint considerations.
  10. Microsoft 365 Apps, Mobile Apps, ClipChamp, Microsoft Search Enhancements, OneDrive and Loop updates and enhancements

My design is to try to avoid just listing off the new features and at least on each slide give my take on how I believe we should be approaching these new apps, updates and services. Let’s go beyond the new features and talk about what this means…

Join me for the webinar: Best of Microsoft Ignite – 10 Key Takeways

Thursday November 10 @ 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

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