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Success with Viva Topics

Success with Viva Topics

Viva Topics one of the founding Viva Suite modules focused on User Experience. Search has been one of the challenges users face in any corporate enterprise environment. Struggling to get up to speed, or earnestly trying to be aware of what’s going on around… Continue Reading “Success with Viva Topics”

The Next Wave Is Viva… Are You Ready?

Microsoft Viva Infographic – New Killer Apps for Teams

90% of Teams Performance Issues are *NOT* Microsoft Related – Get Network Monitoring

Don’t Jump to Conclusions 90% of Teams Performance Issues are NOT Microsoft Related.

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2021 Insights

It’s hard to put to words what Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon as an experience was for me and many others. I’m sure everyone had a different experience, but what started not this year but last year at the beginning of the pandemic brought a… Continue Reading “Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2021 Insights”

Troubleshoot Call Quality in Teams Fast

Microsoft Teams is Down

We Love Microsoft Teams, But We Hate Call Quality Troubleshooting! Every IT admin has been in this fretful situation at least once. The solution or platform they support is broken and failing. They want to research what is causing the issue so they can… Continue Reading “Troubleshoot Call Quality in Teams Fast”