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Behind the Scenes of the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon: Microsoft Woodstock

This isn’t an exposé, but I think you do deserve to hear some of the behind the scenes from the first edition of the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon and I will tell you right now won’t be the last. We had a blast and…

Demistifying Microsoft Groups: 5 Keys to Successful Group Management

It’s more important than ever to have a hybrid strategy to manage your Microsoft groups for Microsoft 365 groups and on-premises security groups.

7 Innovative ways Project Cortex Delivers Business Value Infographic

Project Cortex

Understanding Microsoft Project Cortex Project Cortex applies AI to automatically organize your content.  It delivers innovative experiences with Topic cards, Topic pages, and both knowledge and content centers across the productivity tools of Office 365 including Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and Office apps.  It has…

Microsoft Crisis Management Response Templates and Remote Work Resources for Coronavirus #Covid19

Virtual Events & Training

The Microsoft teams have been releasing some super cool quick and easy solutions. Microsoft has been doing some really helpful things and my intention is to help give visibility to multiple efforts which may have been overlooked or missed across multiple blog posts or…

Infographic: 7 Analytics Dashboards for SharePoint and Teams and Office 365 in Microsoft 365

Teams Analytics Infographic

If you’ve been looking for the best deployment and adoption dashboards and analytics in Office 365, SharePoint and Teams, this is the webinar for you.  In this discussion we’ll dive into the best Power BI charts, graphs, and dashboards that are frequently hidden in…