Viva Connections webinars for Executive engagement, Corp Comms and Front Line Workers

New Webinar Series… “Viva Connections Webinar Series for Executive Engagement, Comms Teams, and Front Line Workers” A lot has been happening in the Viva space and it starts with Viva Connections. In this 3 part webinar series for a variety of different roles you’ll get a variety of different perspectives including relevant demos and insights. Bring Together Communications, Knowledge, Learning, and Resources in the flow of work just in time. Accelerate Learning. Improve Productivity. All in a customized and personalizable way.

Microsoft Viva Connections is a company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and resources in the apps and devices you use 

Connectand Engage. Empower Teams. People at the Center. 

Viva Connections for the Front Line Worker 

Teams has had incredible growth with 10x adoption over the past year.   Teams is the hub for modern teamwork.  Employees can communicate and collaborate on content and tasks in a streamlined way.  Viva connections helps provide targeted links to information like official and featured news, key tools, along with personalized and trimmed content based on role, location, division etc…  

Viva is designed around the employee experience, key things that pull a team together including schedules, tasks, team conversations for both individual and team productivity in adaptive interfaces from mobile, tablet, browser, and rich teams client.  In this session focused on the front line worker we will look at the latest and greatest in Viva focused on the experience of and art of the possible for the front line worker. 

Audience: Business Decision Maker, IT Decision maker, IT Services, IT Manager, Business Manager 

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Viva Connections for Executive Engagement 

Executive Leadership communication and engagement with employees is critical to the business.  Viva Connections provides increased visibility and focus on employee experience.  Some of the greatest features in the latest release of Viva Connections is the global news with featured news, webparts and feeds perfect for video or streaming content including AMAs, fire side chats from executives.  Bring Communication, Knowledge, Learning, and Insights into an Integrated Experience. Viva Connections is the launchpad for Microsoft Viva and the gateway to your employee experience. Effective communication is essential to a healthy business, but with so many channels, information overload is a real thing. 

Audience: CXO and Decision Makers, IT Managers, Business Decision Makers, Yammer & Teams Admins

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Viva Connections for Corporate Communications 

Corporate communications this is for you!  In this session we’ll dive into Viva Connections for the communications teams.  Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern employee experience – are you ready to inform, engage and empower your organization? Join us as we show you how Viva Connections provides a curated, personalized and company-branded experience that centralizes relevant news and conversations. We’ll dig into the targeting and personalization features including the global nav and Deploy easily as it’s fully integrated in the apps and devices your teams already use every day, like Microsoft Teams. Platform Extensibility for Customization and Integration.  Discover how you can shape culture and foster communication to help your business and employees thrive. 

Audience: SharePoint & Teams admins, Corporate communications, business leaders, Intranet teams, and HR Comms teams

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