12 SharePoint and Teams Integration Points Infographic

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SharePoint and Teams are Better Together: Here are 12 Ways…

  1. Add your SharePoint Pages to Teams
  2. Documents added to Teams are automatically stored in SharePoint and OneDrive
  3. SharePoint enabled coauthoring protols in Office with SharePoint backed documents work in the Teams UX
  4. Teams presence and chat is even better with Office 365 and SharePoint.
  5. Automatically post your documents to Channels with Flow
  6. Easily add SharePoint sites to Teams or Create Teams for your SharePoint sites
  7. Use the Bots in Teams to call your SharePoint sites and lists data with the Bot Framework
  8. Preview 270+ file formats in OneDrive and SharePoint directly in Teams UX
  9. Synchronize your SharePoint and OneDrive documents and access them in Explorer for files you add with the Teams interface
  10. Teams information will be accessible in SharePoint. Chat is already getting better and better.
  11. Access SharePoint News in a Tab or in automatically in a channel
  12. SPFx isn’t just for SharePoint anymore. Write SharePoint Framework parts for Teams


2 Comments on “12 SharePoint and Teams Integration Points Infographic

  1. Why can we not change the default teams SharePoint site to link to an existing SharePoint site instead of a Group?

  2. Great question. I think it does need modern site and likely needs the OneNote and Planner parts of the group sites. I expect it is a necessary plumbing thing.

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