Office 365 Power Tools: What To Use When… PLUS NEW! Charts and Graphs and Recording and Slides

Thanks for joining me on the Office 365 Power Tools What to Use When Webinar. We had over 500 users connected in that session. Incredible. We got a ton of feedback and questions, so I wanted to share my thoughts and provide some answers, links and explanations as well as links to the recording and slides.

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Incredible Insights Charts and Graphs

What Power Tools are you using for Development for SharePoint Apps today?

Joel’s Insights: So most are still using the basics of lists, libraries and workflows… think about the missed potential. Incredible that we had a funeral for Infopath about 5 years ago, and there are about as many people using InfoPath and SP Designer. There’s a big responsibility to help the community catch up on Forms, Flow, PowerApps and Power BI. I was also surprised to see a few responses during the event from people saying… when will Infopath be replaced? People who don’t get the power of PowerApps. Many have found third party tools to help fill the gaps. I realize I should have added SPFx, but the session was more about the power tools.

What Version of SharePoint are you using?

80% using Office 365. That’s great! The fact that more than 50% still have 2013 and 2010 is a little sad don’t you think? I think we need more campaigns around upgrading to SharePoint 2019… What do you think? Tell me in the comments. I’ve got ideas for a Top 10 Reasons Why you should upgrade to SharePoint 2019 Infographic. Would make a good webinar too.


What does E3 include as it relates to Forms, Flow, PowerApps and Power BI?

  • Forms is free for everyone including building and consuming forms including anonymous.
  • Flow is covered for all of the standard connections except for the premium Flows.
  • PowerApps licenses are included, but do NOT include Plan 1 or Plan 2 these are additional addins.
  • Power BI you can download the client and run it, to get Power BI Pro you need E5 or you can add on Power BI Premium.

Can anyone create PowerApp without a license?

No. You can’t create or consume a PowerApp without a license. E3 does include license to create or consume PowerApp… it just needs to be assigned if it hasn’t.

Can you please provide all the training videos links to know how to use in details of all the apps flow, form, power, apps, power bi and nitro. to ease the use of them. and if we have any question for support, how can we contact a direct chat with the supporting team?

Then go to youtube and go to the Microsoft Flow Channel and from there you can navigate to the PowerApps, Power BI and Office 365, Dynamics 365 Youtube Channels in Featured Channels on the right

Please can you give us an update if know on when PowerApps and Flow will be available on the government tenant? Can you please also include what is available for the GCC? PowerApps/Flow is not available to us yet

GCC = Government Cloud Community

The Office 365 Roadmap says March CY2019

Power BI vs Tableau? Thoughts?

They are very different and have very different capabilities… that being said, check out what Gartner said… they are both in the leader quadrant as of 2017.

Would Power BI Report server with gateway bipass some of those limits?

I have not seen any reference to quotas in on premise Power BI. I expect not all of them would apply, but you should be smart and do testing and validation.

On-premises data gateway: Multiple users can share and reuse a gateway in this mode. This gateway can be used by Power BI, PowerApps, Flow or Logic Apps. For Power BI, this includes support for both schedule refresh and DirectQuery

Does a form belong to a person or to the company? What if a person leaves the company?

A form is stored in Azure or any number of places. You can’t update them, so they definitely don’t follow you, but in European and soon to be California and many other places laws, you should have rights to your private data. Today you don’t have many rights for access to your data stored in forms or powerapps as a user. You can always try… that’s what privacy is all about.

Powerapps: is it possible to connect one powerapp to multiple Sharepoint Lists during runtime? E.g. choose a teamsite and select the values from a list, then connect to another teamsite with a list having the same name? E.g. list to collect issues in multiple teams or projects

Yes, check out a direct question in the forum

the web link on the what to use where isn’t working… can you double check it?

You’re right, it was messed up. Here’s the correct link

Does Nitro Studio have On-Prem options or similar that could be required to meet InfoSec/goverment compliancies?

Maybe quickly explain Microsoft Forms Pro

Forms Pro????

There is a slide in the presentation on Forms Pro from the announcement at

Will Forms ever evolve into more that what it is today or is the direction to use Power Apps?? This is a tough thing to swallow for non dev SharePoint admins?

Forms is the for lightweight quick Survey, Polls, and simple forms. It will get better, but it will never be PowerApps.

Can you give a link to the Usage stat reports for PowerBi?

Check out these links:

Microsoft 365 usage analytics contains a number of reports, including:

  • Adoption overview report — offers an all-up summary of adoption trends. Use the reports in this section to learn how your users have adopted Office 365as well as how overall usage of the individual services has changed month-over-month. You can see how many licenses are assigned, how many of those are in active use by people in your organization, how many users are returning users and how many are using the product for the first time.
  • Product usage report — offers a drill-down view into volume of key activities for each service. Use the reports in this section to learn how your users are utilizing Office 365.
  • Storage used report — Use this report to track cloud storage for mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint sites. You can use this to make sure people in your organization stay within limits, or to decide if you need to purchase more storage resources.
  • Communication report — You can see at a glance whether people in your organization prefer to stay in touch by using Teams, Yammer, email, or Skype calls. You can observe if there are shifts in patterns of use of communication tools amongst your employees.
  • Collaboration report — See how people in your organization use OneDrive and SharePoint to store documents and collaborate with each other, and how these trends evolve month over month. You can also see how many people share documents internally or externally and how many SharePoint sites or OneDrive accounts are actively being used.
  • Office activation report — Track Office 365 ProPlus, Project and Visio activations in your organization. Each person with an Office license can install products on up to five devices. Use reports in this section to see the device types on which people have installed Office apps.
  • Access from anywhere report — Track which clients and devices people use to connect to email, Skype for Business, or Yammer.
  • Individual service usage reports — Usage reports are available for certain individual services. These reports provide specific usage details for the respective service. Exchange usage, Teams usage, and Yammer usage are examples of these reports.
  • Individual service user activity reports — User activity reports are available for certain individual services. These reports provide user level detail usage data joined with Active Directory attributes.

Where is the slide deck shared?

Can forms handle attachments? This is a show stopper for us.

I agree. No it is not, but they say they are working on it on User Voice.

Are they the top 60 responses (on choice fields)?

Yes, the limitation in Microsoft Forms on the 60 choices being stored is only 60 are stored, all of the other choices are shown as “Other”

I have created a Custom PowerApp Form and a mobile app that triggers a flow approval after the data is sent to a sharepoint list. I have flow plan 1 that created the flow, do I need to be concerned if that flow gets triggered too many times by employees entering in data?

No, you shouldn’t be too worried unless you’re doing some kind of check every 5 minutes. You will get a warning if you’re getting close to running out of your quota of runs for the month.

I was told by a MS expert at ShareFest DC that Forms cannot hide a field like you can in InfoPath. Will it have that ability?

I can’t tell you what hasn’t been announced. You can see the roadmap at

Is it possible to use Flow on premise without Hybrid systems?

No. You need a gateway because there is no On Premise install of Flow or Forms.

Does Power Apps replace Infopath and it is on SP 2019 on Premise?

Flow, Forms and PowerApps all replace Infopath and SharePoint Designer, but it gets more complicated for On Premises. SharePoint Framework is another alternative for building applications.

We Use Nintex Forms and Workflows. Can I see Nitro? I want see the difference. Would love to see Nitro I’d like a live demo. That was too high level

Yes, sign up for the webinar or contact us and we’ll provide you with a demo.


Forms and Flows not look for me as an replacement to create Forms in SharePoint or build process for my company

You’ll have to tell that to Microsoft. Forms Flow and PowerApps are the replacement, but do not line up directly. They are new tools that provide new functionality.

Here’s a quote directly from the PowerApps page: “Use PowerApps, the successor to InfoPath, to improve business productivity in SharePoint without writing code.”

You have the same license strategy like Nintex? I pay on Premise for each WF?

No it’s a different license. See more at

Nitro Studio like K2 with her own Engine with seperate DB’s or integrated in sharePoint like Nintex?

Can you distribute a Microsoft form outside of the organization?

How much work is it to port existing InfoPath forms (we have many) to the next thing (MS Forms, MS Flow, Power Apps, Nitro)?

There aren’t any migration wizards that I’ve seen. I recommend building new in Forms, Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint Framework, third party Forms/Workflow tools, etc..

If you have Office 365 but Exchange on premise you must use the older tools or Crow Canyon since Flow can’t email on prem mail. I’m currently blending Powerapps with Crow Canyon approvals as well.

You can share the form with a group to edit.

Yes, You can invite lots of users or send it to a DL, but there’s no .

What do you think of SharePoint Framework as a tool to overcome the limits of powerapps?

Fantastic idea. Really depends on which limit.

How can we access the Forms Pro preview?

You’ll hear soon. It says Spring 2019, which means March or April likely. Follow

Is there a way to move the form to be owned by another individual? Currently it seems you can only move the form to a 365 group.

  • On the form you want to transfer, click More form actions  , and then select Move.

Can 1 user have flow p2 and see organization usage for all users that would just have flow 1?

Yes, Certain users can have Flow2.

Can 1 user have a p2 flow license such as an admin, and be able to see organization flow usage?


Is flow equivalent/competetive to Nintex or K2?

Flow is a browser based If this then that style conditions, actions, and workflow.

Will you provide the slides as PDF or such?

Slides are on

Create a form via an O365 group? The form would belong to the group and not a specific user

A group can own a flow or a form. You can reassign ownership of a flow or a form.

None of the tools that Microsoft has really mimic the functionality found in InfoPath. How long until we see that same level of functionality?

Don’t hold your breath. Microsoft is not planning on rebuilding InfoPath. Flow, Forms, PowerApps, etc… are their own new creations. You can vote up features, but don’t expect them to rebuild Infopath… it’s dead.

Can flow be used by non-licensed Office 365 users /or shared external users? Can flow on a SP list be used by external shared user?

No, but you can vote for that feature on user voice.

Common data service is it like an odata connector to pull and post data with LOB systems?

What does E3 get us?

You could share the output of the reports on sharepoint?

Sharing the PowerBI reports on SharePoint still requires proper licensing.

Hope you’ll join me on the next webinar!! Thanks for coming!

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