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Business Critical Teams: 5 Steps to What You Should Do About it!

Is Teams business critical in your organization? Are you keeping up with it? If you have resources and energy to keep up with Teams, I applaud you. Teams is the fastest growing product in Microsoft History, and clearly becoming critical to everyday work in… Continue Reading “Business Critical Teams: 5 Steps to What You Should Do About it!”

Darkweb, ransomware, and Human mistakes: recovery for Microsoft 365

It is when and NOT If… Make sure you’ve got a backup of the data you care about most.

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2021 Insights

It’s hard to put to words what Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon as an experience was for me and many others. I’m sure everyone had a different experience, but what started not this year but last year at the beginning of the pandemic brought a… Continue Reading “Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2021 Insights”

Teams Governance: 6 Keys to What Really Matters

Microsoft Teams Governance

What really matters in a Microsoft Teams Deployment? Can you just turn it on and see what happens? What if you were to figure it out along the way? What is Teams Sprawl and why do they refer to your Teams environment as the… Continue Reading “Teams Governance: 6 Keys to What Really Matters”

Teams Voice and Telephony Demystified: 7 Key Questions

How do you get started with Microsoft Teams Voice? These 7 questions can help you figure out what’s most important.