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SharePoint Community Argentina

Sharing the Point South America and Antarctica is in full swing. Here in Buenos Aires it’s not just HOT from being in the middle of summer. The tango is HOT, the beautiful people are HOT, and the SharePoint is HOT.   In between sessions I… Continue Reading “SharePoint Community Argentina”

SharePoint For Mobile – Yes we can!

You may have deployed SharePoint and had a complaint from a mobile user, by default the experience isn’t great. A legacy design decision was made for SharePoint 2010’s that creates a poor default mobile smart phone experience. In my mind if they would have… Continue Reading “SharePoint For Mobile – Yes we can!”

Redirect SharePoint Natively with a Content Editor Webpart

It can be a pain as you reorganize your site and try to get users to update their links.   Here’s a handy way to do a redirect without editing anything server side.  Not that that’s what you should do in SharePoint any way.  … Continue Reading “Redirect SharePoint Natively with a Content Editor Webpart”

Troubleshooting IIS and SharePoint When a Worker Process Goes Haywire

Everything is fine or so you think, but then the CPU spikes and the other Web Front ends are fine, so what’s up? Do you know how to dig in and figure out what’s up? Here are a few things I’d do…   So… Continue Reading “Troubleshooting IIS and SharePoint When a Worker Process Goes Haywire”