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Sharing the Point South America and Antarctica is in full swing. Here in Buenos Aires it’s not just HOT from being in the middle of summer. The tango is HOT, the beautiful people are HOT, and the SharePoint is HOT.  

The Punisher SPCommunity Argentina

In between sessions I was talking to Alejandro, the guy shown above with a punisher shirt, he and another guy travelled 300 KM to meet up with us. It was so cool to find out that he started following my blog after the Bjorn EPIC battle of SPTECHCON 2011. There were more than a few people that were more than confused about that whole thing, but knowing that some good came out of it and actually met.

A couple of other guys I met this morning said they as well travelled in over 300KM to attend the event. One guy mentioned he hadn’t ever met another SharePoint person, so he was not only excited to meet the STP crew, but also to meet others here in his country who had similar passions and challenges. I love hearing those stories. That’s the real value I feel in this is reaching out to SharePoint people that otherwise have little to no connection to the community. SharePoint Latin America is coming together, and it’s great to be part of helping build the infrastructure. 

I feel a little like Magellan as he circumnavigated the globe finding new cultures and helped map out the world.

We can never really know the impact of our deeds, but I feel like in some ways this SharePoint without borders project of Sharing The Point has some great momentum and gets all of us excited about the possibilities.

SharePoint Argentina and SharePoint Uruguay do have Microsoft Offices, but don’t have the staff that the US Offices have. More with less… The pressure is on partners who don’t necessarily have the experience. Hence there is a stronger need for being connected with the greater community is even more important. Most if not all of the attendees have never attended a SharePoint event. There is a couple of SharePoint MVPs here and they should definitely be given credit. Join the community…

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Join the Communidad de Argentina on Linked in with over 450 members! Ariel García Sobrino, Maxi Sorlino, Hugo Ramos, Rodrigo Biazzo, Leandro Iacono, Mauricio Grimberg, Ariel Kirsman

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