Uruguay SharePoint Community Launch

What an amazing Community! Uruguay comes across as such a laid back family centric country. Everywhere we went we saw families enjoying each other and enjoying the weather and ultimately stopping to smell the roses.

This was not only the largest SharePoint event in Uruguay, it appears to be the first! A new SharePoint/SQL Technical Solutions (TSP) at Microsoft was just hired into a new position. Exciting timing that the STP crew comes right in time to partner with Microsoft to LAUNCH the SharePoint community here in Uruguay. Ricardo Szyfer is fired up. I can imagine he will be very anxious to hold onto the great momentum and spark that just began.

As well, you need to get to know Fabian Imaz @fabianimaz . Fabian is SharePoint MVP who brings together the worlds of Argentina and Uruguay. Why that’s important is because he is connected. He’s very connected with not only what’s coming from Microsoft, but he has a pulse on the community. He’s a great guy and very approachable. Definitely follow Fabian’s SharePoint blog, excellent resource.

Gabriel Lopez @gabouy Executive Director from South Labs has been a great local Montevideo resource for me. He’s a key strategic vendor asset here in Uruguay. I recommend watching what happens with SharePlus and the awesome creations that come out of their efforts. He believes in Microsoft and is also connected with what happens in the mobile space in a big way. He’s been very responsive and really has great grasp on global enterprise business and IT growth.


Comunidad Usuarios Microsoft Uruguay – I highly recommend connecting with the Larger Microsoft Uruguay community: CUMUY


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