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Seven SharePoint and Office 365 Predictions for 2019 and Reflections

(I snapped this photo in Indonesia.  I hope you like it!) 1. SharePoint 2019 will become the new base standard, but the community bloggers and speakers will get over it very quickly.  It won’t feel new by June.   Where usually a product is new…

10 Things to Remember from 2017 Office 365 Year End Recap

I hope you enjoyed my 2018 future of Office 365/ SharePoint predictions.  2017 Was filled with a lot of releases and many new technologies to learn and grow with.  It’s a good day for reflection.  In fact the Tech Community Blog posted 2017 year…

8 Predictions for SharePoint & Office 365 in 2018

SharePoint Predictions for SharePoint in 2018 and Office 365

SharePoint and Office 365 2015 Predictions!

Here are my predictions for 2015, but we need to review 2014 before we get into 2015 so you can see if you still want to follow me.  2014 SharePoint Office 365 and Yammer predictions were written in full here.  I’ll summarize them and…

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