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First Release: First look at MDM Mobile Device Management in Office 365

Office 365 Mobile Device Management is now available for early adopters and those tenants who have elected to opt into the First Release Program. I can’t tell you when you’ll get these features or if they are already released if you’re not already in…

Planning Delve Deployment in Office 365


What is Delve Really?!! This goes beyond the simple question of what it does.

Who’s Who in the SharePoint and Office 365 World at Microsoft HQ

Who is SharePoint

There’s been some serious shuffling that has gone on since we were last looking at the who’s who of the SharePoint world at Microsoft.  Over the years many have gotten familiar with Jeff Teper as our one neck to choke in the SharePoint world. …

Office 365 Security and Compliance Infographic

Office 365 Security and Compliance Infographic based on the new Office 365 Trust Center

Next version of SharePoint in 2015 and other things I learned at SharePoint Conference #SPC14

SharePoint Hike

There are a few things that I learned from SPC.  First off many saw this as a non launch year.  After day 1 I was so overloaded with announcements that I couldn’t keep up with them.  I was trying to tweet every announcement I…

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