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There’s been some serious shuffling that has gone on since we were last looking at the who’s who of the SharePoint world at Microsoft.  Over the years many have gotten familiar with Jeff Teper as our one neck to choke in the SharePoint world.  Jeff Teper moved on back in June of this past year with little fanfare in the SharePoint community.  In fact I was reading Mary Jo Foley’s article about the structure at MS since the move and it wasn’t even tweeted or shared on facebook.  So it’s possible that this is not widely known.  When I was at the Office 365 event in San Diego a few weeks ago, I was talking with Bill Baer and Sonya about some of the restructuring and I was blown away with the changes.  It shows a united world with serious focus on Office 365 and on OneDrive.

I didn’t get a chance to salute to Jeff, so I wanted to start with his send off and while Satya Nadella isn’t directly involved in SharePoint/OneDrive, you must know who he is and plan to hear him speak at Ignite.  Surprises me that there are still some folks out there who don’t yet recognize his name, so this is another chance.

This list is mostly to help you understand who is out there fighting for you.  Go up and thank them sometime.  If you’re going to Ignite or SPTechcon or other major SharePoint or Office 365 summits, say hi.

Microsoft reorgs its Office business to focus on four new investment areas

(Note: This isn’t designed to be everyone.  There are tons of people and entire groups I’m missing, this is just a handful of the visible ones.) 


SharePoint and Office 365 People you should know:


Jeff Teper – previously the Corporate VP of SharePoint since 1999 (headed up the original PKM team and launched Tahoe the V1… SharePoint Portal Server 2001!).  We sometimes called him the Father or Grandfather of SharePoint.  Some may say the godfather, but that role is taken, wink, wink.  Jeff Teper is now head of corporate strategy to work in areas such as acquisitions and development reporting directly to the CFO of MS. (Photo from LinkedIn)

– Led SharePoint from inception to the leader in portals, collaboration, and content management with $2B+ in annual revenues, 150M+ users, and an ecosystem of 700K+ developers
– Managed 1000+ person, globally distributed engineering team
– Led successful $1B+ acquisitions of FAST, the leader in enterprise search, and Yammer, the leader in enterprise social networking
– Led Corporate Strategy team supporting new Microsoft CEO and CFO on cloud and mobile-first strategies and acquisitions



Satya Nadella – Microsoft CEO, Hired by Jeff Teper! “Teper said he was the one who hired Nadella to work at Microsoft. Nadella had been working at Sun Microsystems Inc., and Teper’s team was looking for someone to help persuade developers to move from Sun’s server operating system to Windows NT, he said.”  He will be at Ignite and keynoting the event.  Satya Nadella leads Microsoft’s transformation to a productivity and platform company in the cloud-first, mobile-first world. Prior to becoming CEO, he held leadership roles in both enterprise and consumer businesses across the company. (Photo MS Ignite)



Chris Jones, Corporate Vice President, OneDrive and SharePoint, Microsoft

Chris Jones joined Microsoft in 1991 and currently leads the engineering team for OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and SharePoint Servers. Prior to his current role, he led the engineering for Outlook.com, OneDrive, Microsoft account, and Messenger; and he served for several years as Vice President in both program management and engineering in the Windows Division.


Dave Campbell – Chief Technology Officer, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

Dave Campbell helps formulate, implement and communicate Microsoft’s cloud strategy. Over the last five years he has focused on the Azure platform and Microsoft’s Big Data strategy

(Photo from LinkedIn)


Julia White – General Manager : Microsoft Office Division, Technical Marketing. Responsibilities include Office 365, Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Developer and IT Pro audience marketing.

(Photo from Facebook Ignite ad)

(Photo from LinkedIn)


Jared Spataro – General Manager, Microsoft Office



Arpan Shah – Office 365 Technical Product Management group at Microsoft

Sonya Koptyev

Sonya Koptyev – Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft (Apps for Office cloud app model)


Jeremy Thake – Senior Product Marketing Manager in the Office 365 (focused on Developers)

(Photo from his twitter profile)


Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson – Group Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

(Linkedin photo)

Michal Gideoni

Michal Gideoni – Director, Product Management at Microsoft

(Photo from LinkedIn)


Bill Baer – Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft Corporation

(SP24 profile photo)

Olaf Hubel

Olaf Hubble – Senior Technical Product Marketing Office 365 at Microsoft

(LinkedIn photo)

Mark Kashman

Mark Kashman – Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

(Photo via LinkedIn)


Bonus: For those who remember Tom… He’s not far!


Tom Rizzo – Director of Skype and Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync)

6 Comments on “Who’s Who in the SharePoint and Office 365 World at Microsoft HQ

  1. Great post. I didn’t know Jeff Teper hired Satya. Very interesting. As I’ve blogged about a few times I first heard of Tahoe in the 1998 time frame. I was being touted as a Big 3 Killer. While that didn’t happen right away I would say it has since 2010 shipped. The biggest thing that helps keep SharePoint going and to some extent growing is the community.

    The products have changed. The players have changed. But, the market still has legs for at least another 5 years.

    • Yep. The community is what keeps it all going. Microsoft moved on to Office 365 ages ago, but they’ll give us some love before long… SharePoint V-Next will add some things to get excited about.

  2. Jaysus – talk about blowing smoke up thee ass!
    It’s not about individuals it’s about the community…I get sick of hearing these guys calling themselves “evangelists”. Do me a favour. You are no brighter than anyone else. You are just prepared to lock yourselves away and do nothing else, but gorp at a machine.

    Come on lads.

    Get some fresh air.

    • Shouldn’t likely respond to this, but did want to say why I would write such a post. I think it’s important to know these people by name. At some point, it’s understanding the community and getting to know the players who are sitting in positions of making the decisions. I don’t think this has much to say about evangelists. Most of these folks are product managers or folks who help relay messages back and forth. In our community I do think it’s important to network, and these are folks to know. End of story. Not blowing smoke. There are people in every country that are the movers and shakers in the real world, but these are the folks in the ivory tower.

  3. Hi Joel! great post; I didn’t know that Tom Rizzo returned to MS…

  4. Windows Phone users will know Chris Johnson for the excellent My Trips app. His team works on Office APIs. Julia White is best known for the Office for iPad launch but you’d have seen her first at the MEC – Microsoft Exchange Conference. It’s interesting how cross connected SharePoint is with the rest of Office now.

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