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Planning Delve Deployment in Office 365


What is Delve Really?!! This goes beyond the simple question of what it does.

SharePoint Multilingual Sites – Determine Top 10 Languages to Deploy

Where do I start? The users demand support for multi lingual. First step I see is to start supporting the language packs… but which ones? You need to figure it out. You may not be best served by simply installing all of them. What… Continue Reading “SharePoint Multilingual Sites – Determine Top 10 Languages to Deploy”

Planning SharePoint Deployments with RACI

One of the first things I did when I sat down with the project manager and service managers on a SharePoint deployment is RACI charts.  I’m a big fan of them.  It gets a lot of the arguments flushed out for who is responsible. … Continue Reading “Planning SharePoint Deployments with RACI”