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Tightly Integrate SharePoint to Any Cloud or ECM Storage Platform in Minutes

Organizations are no longer tethered to their existing on-premises ECM systems. With dozens of on-site and Cloud storage platforms to choose from, enterprises are free to architect the ideal storage environment suited to their needs. And architecting that ideal environment is incredibly simple with…

Dear Abby IT, As SharePoint Expert What Should I Do Next in My Career?

Dear Abby IT SharePoint Woes

I’ve had some fascinating career conversations recently, and just today one message came across Facebook that reminded me of a Dear Abby letter.

5 Reasons OneDrive for Business on (SkyDrive Pro) Office 365 is Better Than Yours

There are many who are debating the move to Office 365, and one of the biggest reasons in your consideration should be SkyDrive Pro for your users.  In my experience SDP is one of the first reasons to use the Microsoft cloud.  It’s going…

SharePoint is NOT Dead and even on-prem is alive and well!

SharePoint IS NOT DEAD

Monty Python comes to mind… the classic black knight skit from the “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” movie with Office 365 as the white knight… “It’s merely a flesh wound.” Right now it’s very popular to say SharePoint is dead.  Seems like everyone…

What’s going on with SharePoint 2013… Upgrade Insights

I have been having a lot of conversations with SharePoint folks and even participated in a debate on using SharePoint 2010 vs. 2013.  Why was this session at SPTechcon a sold out, standing room only session?  There has been a reluctance to simply upgrade…

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