Tightly Integrate SharePoint to Any Cloud or ECM Storage Platform in Minutes

Organizations are no longer tethered to their existing on-premises ECM systems. With dozens of on-site and Cloud storage platforms to choose from, enterprises are free to architect the ideal storage environment suited to their needs. And architecting that ideal environment is incredibly simple with SkySync.

Fully bi-directional, SkySync enables organizations to sync their content (along with metadata and permissions) across all major on-site ECM and Cloud storage platforms, including SharePoint On-Premises and Office365, in minutes. Once the systems are integrated, administrators can automatically sync, copy or migrate files, sites or entire folder structures with a few clicks of a mouse – without any heavy lifting from IT or disruption of business.

SkySync enables system admins to create truly synchronized hybrid storage scenarios or fully automate large content migrations (from other ECM Systems or Network Shares to Office 365, for example), or perform small transfers with a simple drag-and-drop.

SkySync’s advanced features also allow administrators to map metadata, permissions and user accounts as well as filter any content before running a job.

Sound too good to be true? Download a no-cost, 14-day trial and see for yourself.

SkySync and SharePoint


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