Skype for Business Online is Retiring. Get Ready Five Considerations for Microsoft Teams!

Next year I’ll be raising a glass for Skype for Biz… July 31, 2021. Good ol’ SFBO is retiring!  We should plan some kind of online retirement party, maybe we should get an online DJ,  What do you think?  In fact, in my view we should have a huge global retirement party for Skype for Business Online!  It’s been a short, but fulfilling career, but he’s moving over for the new Hotness.  Microsoft Teams!

Before we start partying and say long live Teams, good riddance the old has been Skype for Biz Online.  I think there are a few considerations that are really important.

Here are 5 things that all companies must consider as part of their migration or Adoption and Change Management of Teams. 

(Expect to hear a lot more about ACM – Adoption Change Management in the coming years)

  1. Are we ensuring that users have and have access to the proper Training and Education for a successful deployment/migration?
  2. Do we have the proper hardware and device infrastructure in our conference rooms, soft phones, and to support a good user experience?
  3. Have we properly communicated and listened to our users for departmental solution integration needs in this Teams deployment?
  4. Are we doing a proper job of deploying in an Agile approach to Teams to ensure that we are lighting up the Digital Workplace with integration into legacy and building apps with modern SharePoint, OneDrive and all the critical line of business systems to ensure the dream of a single Hub can be realized over time?
  5. Are we thinking about the convergence of collaboration and communication with the new vision of Digital Workplace?

3 Comments on “Skype for Business Online is Retiring. Get Ready Five Considerations for Microsoft Teams!

  1. All the info I have seen online say that the retirement date for SFB is July 31, 2021, not 2020. The considerations still apply of course, with a little less urgency.

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