URL Shortener – These SharePoint URLs are LONG!

A few years ago when I was in IT, I got a lot of requests from HR, Marketing, and so forth for “Vanity URLs.”  So much demand that we ended up creating a .NET app on one web app so we could simply redirect URLs to the various SharePoint sites without giving everyone their own web app.  We even ended up creating a database.  This discussion isn’t about Host Named Site collections, but more about shortening those long SharePoint URLs…

Now I shorten URLs everyday through bit.ly and in the past used tinyurl.com.  Now on the web there are tons of them which will shorten URLs and even make them into words such as turning a long URL like http://www.sharepointjoel.com/sites/test/shared%20documents/actuallynotreallyalong.doc to http://bit.ly/lfda8L. In fact in tweetdeck and even in echofon I get auto shortened URLs right into the interface.  When will we see that in Outlook for SharePoint URLs J Actually I’ve seen that functionality.  Look at SharePointShortUrl.com below and combine that with DropThis from Quest.

Since that time a SharePoint URL Shortener codeplex project was put together to help shorten those long SharePoint URLs…


In the social forums Shanon Bray mentioned there is an API from easyURI.com if you’re a developer and trying to build this functionality into your app. Otherwise if a developer you can create your own. There’s a life hacker article on creating your own URL Shortener


Third parties

Muhimbi SharePoint URL Shortener have built this functionality right into the user interface and available as an API.  Via twitter I’ve seen positive comments from @mikeherrity MR http://SharePointeducation.com

Here is a snippet from the fact sheet- http://bit.ly/lfda8L  (approximate price $399 USD per server, Unlimited, Ent license OEM, or source available)

·         ‘TinyURL’ like functionality for SharePoint.

·         Create small URLs from SharePoint workflows.

·         Supports user specified small URLs.

·         Supports unlimited number of Web Applications.

·         Keeps sensitive URLs within the organisation.

·         Integrates directly with the user’s clipboard.

·         Accessible via a Web Services based interface.

SharePoint Sense’s SharePointShortURL.com (Approximate price 399 British Pounds per server or 699 pound for all you’re SharePoint Servers)

  • Create ShortUrl’s for any Page, List Item,Document, View and External links.
  • Instant access via Site Actions & Items Menu.
  • Unlimited ShortUrl’s.
  • Open email client with ShortUrl for sending.

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