SharePoint Enterprise Search Infographic

The State of Enterprise Search: SharePoint and Office 365 Infographic

Recently AIIM completed a very important survey that shared results based on a number of topics around enterprise search and discovery.  In the study they discovered a number of things that can help reinforce the important of Enterprise Search in the enterprise and help companies that are working out their search strategies.  I’ve compiled a few of these results in an infographic that can be easily digested around some of the key findings.  At BA Insight we take Enterprise Search seriously and I spend quite a bit of my time taking customers through Search Strategic planning exercises.  This inforgraphic is from a series produced around enterprise search and SharePoint Search.

Here are a few of the key findings:

  • 1% say enterprise search is “Not that important”
  • 12% of those polled have an Enterprise Search Strategy
  • 18% have external repositories connected to their Enterprise Search
  • 71% of Customers polled found that Enterprise search is Essential or Vital
  • 75% of customers agree it is easier to find information outside the organization than inside
  • 44% of customers get ROI in 12 months or less!

You can download the August 2014 AIIM survey results:

Are you serious about Search or Looking to get serious?  Let’s talk Enterprise Search Strategy and we’ll share our experience with you.

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State of Enterprise Search SharePoint 2013

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Enjoyed this infographic?  I’ve build some others around search including SharePoint Search Tips and Tricks for Users.

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