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Demistifying Microsoft Groups: 5 Keys to Successful Group Management

It’s more important than ever to have a hybrid strategy to manage your Microsoft groups for Microsoft 365 groups and on-premises security groups.

4 Easy Steps to SharePoint Data Compliance

Compliance and Data protection has never been more important.  Microsoft has put a huge effort behind the “Data Loss Prevention” and “Labels” as well as site designs and levels to help users do the right thing.  Unfortunately, there has been a major disconnect between… Continue Reading “4 Easy Steps to SharePoint Data Compliance”

Yammer Governance: Enterprise Social Policies

Many companies see the power in “social media,” but are afraid for fear they can’t control it.  It’s true. You can’t control it.  First admit that and start with a strategy for how you will manage it and what policies you’ll establish around it. … Continue Reading “Yammer Governance: Enterprise Social Policies”

Governance the #1 Challenge to Managing SharePoint

According to Gartner 66% of SharePoint Customers do not believe they have adequate governance. (Based on a recent Gartner survey) Governance can be defined as a set of defined roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures that will help your company to proactively manage your information technology… Continue Reading “Governance the #1 Challenge to Managing SharePoint”