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Troubleshooting Indexing with ULS Log

I thought this addition deserved it’s own post.  Not burried in the previous which again comes from Nick Hardin and Sam Crewdson’s MS IT performance presentation AG207.  Not sure who gathered this, but this was in the appendix and not shared at the conference… Continue Reading “Troubleshooting Indexing with ULS Log”

Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 (MOF v4) is important to SharePoint

I don’t know how many of you have followed the exciting world of Operations Frameworks from ITIL to MOF to MSF and even ISO 20000.  When I found the forums I searched for SharePoint and came up with no results.  Not a lot of… Continue Reading “Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 (MOF v4) is important to SharePoint”

Blogging Ethics

I think there are some understood, and yet not understood underground ethics that have been emerging around blogging.  I thought I’d discuss a few of these and get your feedback.  A corporation may want to consider some of these topics in their blogging policy. … Continue Reading “Blogging Ethics”

Worlds Largest SharePoint Alphabetical Blog Directory (300+ blogs)

In an attempt at Building the report, it was important to put together the largest ever list of SharePoint Blogs in one place.  Here’s my attempt.  Let me know if any good ones are missing.  Since putting together that first report, I’m now thinking about other cool… Continue Reading “Worlds Largest SharePoint Alphabetical Blog Directory (300+ blogs)”

Top 100+ SharePoint Blogs Behind the Report

Something I’ve done more since leaving Microsoft is catch up on blogging and reading MVP and other SharePoint community blogs.  My most recent freeware RSS client is "snarfer" from snarfware.  It had the most downloads on for free RSS readers.  It’s forced me… Continue Reading “Top 100+ SharePoint Blogs Behind the Report”