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Top 100 SharePoint Blogs of Spring 2008

Joel’s Top 100 SharePoint Blogs (Spring 2008) Ordered by Technorati Rating   URL Author               MVP?      Cate-gory  Blogs In Links In TechnoratiRating GooglePage Rank BloglinesSubs GoogleReaderSubs AvgPostsperWeek 1 SP Team MS ALL 512 1295 9,907 7 283 2506 4 2    Bil Simser MVP… Continue Reading “Top 100 SharePoint Blogs of Spring 2008”

Register for SharePoint Summer Camp

A special once in a lifetime event is happening this summer.  Shane Young and I are joining forces to bring you a special variation of SharePoint Professional Administration 401 we’re currently calling "The SharePoint Administrators Survival Camp" with much more depth and much more… Continue Reading “Register for SharePoint Summer Camp”

Insights: Why SharePoint Projects Fail

I’ve been reading the musings of a very insightful chap at  Very, very impressive indeed.  Paul Culmsee does an amazing job of covering the IT decision makers and a few good bones to chew on for the IT implementers.  From ROI, Planning, Branding,… Continue Reading “Insights: Why SharePoint Projects Fail”

My heart is in Myanmar – SharePoint for Disasters

If any group/organization involved in the efforts to help people affected by the Cyclone in Myanmar needs a SharePoint Expert I am happy to devote my skills toward the effort.  I would love to leverage my skills to help these people.  You can contact me at  I’ve… Continue Reading “My heart is in Myanmar – SharePoint for Disasters”

Social Networking at Dunder Mifflin

I was watching an episode of The Office (one of my favorite shows) and the background is they are in a meeting and discussing the new web site. Apparently the social networking feature of the Dunder Mifflin Infinity web site was infiltrated by sexual predators. … Continue Reading “Social Networking at Dunder Mifflin”