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Where You Can Find Me

I wanted to provide an update for where you can find me in the next few months.   June 16-20 Tech Ed IT Pro North America (US) – Deployment Preconference with Shane Young, Governance Session, Advanced Deployment with Shane Young, Ask the experts Session… Continue Reading “Where You Can Find Me”

Browse Strategies and Site Directory

Now that I’m not at MS I can be a bit more candid about things I like and don’t like, I hope some of that came through in my previous blogs anyway, but want to let you know I have been honest, but maybe… Continue Reading “Browse Strategies and Site Directory”

Public Folders and SharePoint Revisited

I expect most of you have seen the Exchange and SharePoint Team blogs both referring to Exchanges updated details. I put my PF thoughts after the first set of guidance in a post titled "What about Public Folders vs. email enabled… Continue Reading “Public Folders and SharePoint Revisited”