Great MS IT Goodness on Search/Indexing Optimization From SPC

I was looking at the SharePoint Conference Deck from Nick Hardin and Sam Crewdson and found some golden nuggets in their deck as well as in the appendix that likely hasn’t seen the light of day until the DVDs just went out.  Now it’s totally public… like it wasn’t before 🙂
I’m a bit supprised some of this hasn’t made it to the blogosphere, but I wanted to give them credit for sharing their findings or at least their gleanings from their own tests, reverse engineering or from their conversations with Devs, PMs, Testers or whoever.
I’m sure Corey Burns should get some credit and even Andre Heymann who I’m sitting with in his apartment in Zurich wants some credit.
Maximizing Indexing Performance on Servers with 64 bit and 8GB or more RAM.  Improves speed.  (Obviously I have to really caution you since this is registry and you should not do this in production without testing it first, and always remember to back up your registry first!)
RegKeyName  RegKey Value (Decimal) Suggested Value (Decimal)
DedicatedFilterProcessMemoryQuota  104,857,600 209,715,200
FilterProcessMemoryQuota  104,857,600 209,715,200
FolderHighPriority 50 500

Reporting samples with LogParser

Looking for Cheap Reporting?  Look no further than the text based log parser.  When you’re ready for real reporting then check out Nintex Reporting 🙂

Top 10 users sorted by alias
logparser.exe "SELECT TOP 10 cs-username, count (*) AS TOTAL from \servernamelogshareW3SVCex080215.log group by cs-username order by TOTAL desc“

Top 100 hits by Username
logparser.exe "SELECT top 100 * from \servernamelogshareW3SVCex080215.log where cs-username like ‘%%username’ order by time desc“

Number of hits by IP Address
logparser.exe "select count (*) as number, cs-host, cs-username, c-ip, cs-uri-stem from \servernamelogshareW3SVCex080215.log group by c-ip, cs-host, cs-username, cs-uri-stem order by number desc“

Number of hits by URL match
Logparser.exe "SELECT count (*) from \sp-sfw-r07e$WWWLogW3SVCex080228.log where cs-uri-stem like ‘%%userprofileservice.asmx’"

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