With a baseline of over 200 different SharePoint Webpart apps and SharePoint solutions in over 30 categories, this independent community driven site is sure to help solve one of the biggest problems we have in the SharePoint space… Lack of Awareness of SharePoint tools and solutions.  At it’s launch has big goals to provide reviews for Training.   ,

Seems like every time I go to a conference I see 20+ or so SharePoint related booth with 3-5 that are new to me, and I pride myself on knowing who is in the space and what they are up to…  There are over 2000 SharePoint partners (based on data shared at SPC 2008, which does include Independent Solution Vendors and Systems Integrators).  How can we sort through this space???!

From the Founder Inna Gordin,

"I am only in it for fun, but I really do want to make it work. I search for new products and make sure they become available right away. There are so many people that are just in the dark on the options available to them. I would love to create a resource that is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for 3rd party solutions."

Inna comes from a very solid marketing background, and in my experience knows what matters to customers.  That’s why the categories make so much sense.  She also has an eye for web UI.  UI design and usability plus marketing with a social model to help customers know what’s out there is just plain awesome. 

There have been a few attempts at social driven content, but based on my initial experience, I’m very pleased.  It’s easy to navigate, easy to review.  Think about the last time you stayed in a no name hotel.  If I’m with my family, I won’t do it without getting reviews or ratings (like 3 star minimum).  I feel tons better if I find there are people that I trust that have reviewed the product and shared their honest thoughts on it.

The best thing has going for it is it’s independence.  A simple ad driven model to pay for the hosting costs, make it a fair playing ground and competitive with the best hotel and movie review sites.  Let’s hope that the independence continues.  Keeping the ads separate from the platform is always a challenge.  Hint, Hint: Avoid SharePoint politics, lets keep the ratings and comments completely community driven.  My 2 cents.  I don’t like seeing payed results on ratings sites, relevance in a clear separate column is fine.  Lots of hope for this platform.

If you’ve got a SharePoint product and you’re not on the list, then get listed.  It’s easy and straight forward.  Awesome work Inna.  If you have experience with the tools and solutions that are out there… be sure to weigh in! 

I’m just barely scratching the surface on what you can find.  The screenshot speaks a thousand works.


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