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Automating and Scripting SharePoint Administration

First off let me thank Todd Klindt, my good buddy who’s shown me the light on the fact that IT Pro geeks really get into STSADM and the fact that you can get good scores showing off the black command line screen for over… Continue Reading “Automating and Scripting SharePoint Administration”

SharePoint Backup and Disaster Recovery Updated Resources for Teched South East Asia

I’m here in Kuala Lumpur doing some last minute prepping for my SharePoint Backup and Disaster Recovery session and figured I should share some of my content.

Infrastructure Update Issues Informal Interview with Troy

I ran into Troy Star my favorite SharePoint tester yesterday in Friday Harbor, Washington.  You have to appreciate the size of the SharePoint world and the randomness.   So with my 5 minutes with Troy, what did I do?  I drilled him on the Infrastructure… Continue Reading “Infrastructure Update Issues Informal Interview with Troy”

SharePoint and World Economics

The economy is definitely on the mind of people in the U.S.  Maybe yours too?  I’ve spent time abroad lately and around the world gas prices and currency is a common topic.  What about SharePoint?  How does it relate to economics… In a recession… Continue Reading “SharePoint and World Economics”

I want verbose SharePoint errors when things break!

If you hate those generic general or unspecified error or unknown error occurred or even errors that failed and told you to contact the admin without telling you why you should contact your administrator?  I really hate it when I am the administrator and it tells me nothing! Well you can… Continue Reading “I want verbose SharePoint errors when things break!”