SharePoint Plastic Revisited

I was in Burma a few weeks ago and came across this scary Robot Barbie.  It made me realize just how crazy we can make things out of plastic.  Ironically I’ve heard of some pretty crazy SharePoint deployments as well.
Robot Barbie
If you’re doing SharePoint to do SharePoint you could end up with a Robot Barbie that won’t sell on any market.

Published by

Joel Oleson

I LOVE traveling our little planet. In my quest to visit every country in the world I've got about 35 UN countries left! I'm not just country hopping, but looking for the most immersive cultural experiences and capturing them as photos and videos. Yes, I'm also a geek. I've been recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director, a community leadership award. When not traveling, I'm in paradise in sunny southern California as I'm a Senior IT Manager at Blizzard Entertainment.

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