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Some of My Fav Pics – Social Side of SharePoint Conference #SPC14

There was all this talk about working like a network, working social, and working in the open, but I felt like the SharePoint Conference was a chance to rekindle relationships with friends from all over the world.  I had friends from Argentina, Colombia, Brunei,… Continue Reading “Some of My Fav Pics – Social Side of SharePoint Conference #SPC14”

SharePoint in Iraq? Community Building in Iraqi Kurdistan

Erbil Iraqi Kurdistan

In my research on building community and travel, I found that I could get a visa on arrival to Kurdish territory in northern Iraq.  When I chatted with Michael about this idea, we agreed we needed to be careful about how we promoted this… Continue Reading “SharePoint in Iraq? Community Building in Iraqi Kurdistan”

Uruguay SharePoint Community Launch

What an amazing Community! Uruguay comes across as such a laid back family centric country. Everywhere we went we saw families enjoying each other and enjoying the weather and ultimately stopping to smell the roses. This was not only the largest SharePoint event in… Continue Reading “Uruguay SharePoint Community Launch”

SharePoint Community Argentina

Sharing the Point South America and Antarctica is in full swing. Here in Buenos Aires it’s not just HOT from being in the middle of summer. The tango is HOT, the beautiful people are HOT, and the SharePoint is HOT.   In between sessions I… Continue Reading “SharePoint Community Argentina”