m365 Virtual Community Launch parties

M365 Virtual Launch Party

We are Better in Together Mode

I recently asked the community, “What is most important in a Technology User Group?”

(Responses from adhoc poll on Linkedin and Twitter: 76 votes)

Absolutely… it’s about the networking and friendships you create.

I had so much fun with everyone putting on these recent virtual events, and I appreciate the spirit of the community to accomplish great things.  I have a heard a few comments recently that had me thinking what should I do… what could we do to bring the community together?

Jamaican Microsoft Community

“There isn’t a community in my area, these recent virtual events have been so needed.”

“I don’t get an opportunity to speak at events in my country, I really appreciate being able to have an opportunity to have a voice.”

“So many community events have been cancelled because of COVID.”

overheard at M365VM

It was during the M365 Virtual Marathon event I was able to rekindle so many friendships from communities I had visited all over the world and create new connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.  The outpouring of energy and excitement was palpable.  What next? I was anxious to do something that takes it to the next level. Let me share it was with the M365VM committee that I first shared my intentions to build a M365 global virtual user group. 

As a result, imagine what we could do with a platform where we could connect as a technology community.  Not just one or two annual events, but a truly global user group. With the newly announced 7×7 and the Microsoft Teams Together Mode and a community focused platform announced I couldn’t wait to help launch a truly global community on M365 with Microsoft technology at it’s core using the latest and greatest from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform and beyond.

The kick off party is August 27 at 12pm Pacific, 7pm UTC…

August 27, 12PM PACIFIC Kick Off Launch Party!

Party with the Microsoft 365 Global Virtual Community!

M365 Global Virtual Community – Party Planning Committee Meeting

What is it? This will be a global user group focused on Microsoft Technologies. We want to support experts from around the world presenting to our global community. The opportunity will be for both experts and people interested to learn, but just as above the most important part of the community is the networking and friendships.

SharePoint 2010 Launch Party by the Community
(L-R Christian Buckley, Erica Toelle, Joel Oleson)

When I was at Microsoft I LOVED the launch parties.  I still remember the Windows XP launch party, the SharePoint 2001 launch party, Office XP, 2003, 2007 and so many more.  They were epic and so meaningful.  When SharePoint 2010 launched I partnered with Christian and Erica to throw the most amazing party at a club in Seattle.  Erica had some amazing connections for DJs for Music. Christian brings a fantastic energy and excitement and helped me with the marketing.  We had hundreds of people show up to a club in Seattle area, and we coordinated parties all over the world. It was a blast!

So you really should register to join the community. There’s no cost to it. We’ll reveal more about the community at the Launch Party… but think education, training, speakers, but you know we know that friendships and networking are event more important.

Before all that, we’re going to pull ourselves together at this virtual launch party that should rival the best parties. It may take some imagination, but I hope we can connect and have a blast!

>> Register to be a member of the M365 Global Virtual Community


What better for launching a community than a *launch party* for the M365 global Virtual Community.  I want a virtual party that is the biggest virtual tech party. It’s global, so we really need 3 parties. One for each of the 3 eight hour periods. We are naming the parties Rising Sun for APAC (Asia Pacific), Apex for EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa), and

I’ve reached out to some friends and influencers including getting the band back together.  We’ve got Galen Keene, Ryan Schouten as executive producers with Jeff Willinger, Christian Buckley, Maarten Visser, Serge Tremblay, and many more.  We’ve been working on the details for a couple months.


Let’s start with the Music and DJs. The most popular Microsoft DJ is clearly Joey Snow.  Because he’s been DJ at more Microsoft and SharePoint Parties than anyone as long as I’ve been involved.  At this virtual party we have reached out to Joey and he’s on board! We will be featuring mixes from the famous DJ Joey Snow and his high energy summertime mixes perfect for dancing. You can check out some of his mix samples at Spreaker Bash Music where he regularly drops some dope mixes.

Pictured: Joey Snow DJ in a high energy mix of a Red Party

Those who have been in the community a long time know Keith Richie.  He was essential most important plugged in Microsoft PSS/CSS support engineer back in the day.  You couldn’t find a SharePoint Ranger who wasn’t on a first name basis with Keith.

See the source image
The Maestro – Keith Richie

Top Fans have said, “Thematically versatile with a distinctive signature sound, Keith Richie’s music is overall beautifully haunting, deeply emotive and often darkly thematic – yet never ghoulish, alienating or overtly frightening in nature” 

As a result, we’ll feature some songs inspired by the Microsoft Community in his Pillars in Time as well as his latest album of 20 years of music.

Keith Richie’s Latest Album Launched in April 2020.
2049 – An Anthology of 49 songs from 20 years of music.


Are you a Trekkie or Trekker?

Have you ever been to a Comicon or SCI FI convention? Jana Babackova and Joy Apple have planned the most epic Cosplay contest.  So, we are looking for both individuals and teams who are interested in participating in this awesome contest. Don’t be worried if this is your first time. I would expect most will be trying this out for the first time.

>> Register as a Team or Individual


Fastest speed round with 10 minute talks from your favorite speakers in bite sized chunks talking about the future.  As a result, we will have compelling topics such as Future of Microsoft 365, Mars, Quantum computing, Autonomous Enterprise, Future of Mixed Reality, Future of AI. 

<CALL FOR PANELS and Lightning TALKS> Coming soon! Come back!

Best way to keep in touch is to register for the party. We will have about a dozen -v10 minute lightning talks. I’m working with Christian Buckley on Panels and a fantastic line up of quick powerful speakers.


Maarten Visser has put together a Power Apps based trivia game.  We are collecting questions for a fun and action packed amazing trivia game. No need to register for the game specifically, but be sure to join the event early and don’t miss it!

Lots of fun and more to be announced. We’re planning a virtual lobby in SharePoint spaces with parties running together mode and 7×7. Haven’t seen that happen yet? Let’s make it happen!

>>Don’t forget to Register to the Party and be a member of the M365 Global Virtual Community

Register for the 3! AWESOME virtual parties to come. Party has been announced for August 27 at 12PM PDT which is 7pm UTC.

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