Microsoft SharePoint Workflow End Of Life

Some very important news for SharePoint environments everywhere. Microsoft has clearly identified the end of the legacy SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 workflows with a few different timelines to be aware of. The most surprising is the one month clock to the end of SharePoint 2010 workflow creation with November being the date 2010 end of existing workflow support. SharePoint 2013 workflows remain supported but deprecated. Those on premise will be supported through 2026.

This summary image below was created and provided to save you some time to see if you’re impacted. If you are. I highly recommend you read the full article, tools, and support article. Here are the short links provided by Chris McNulty in his end of life SharePoint workflow announcement to the tech community. Support article on the SharePoint Workflow and SharePoint Designer creation to Power Automate and finally the Migration guidance for getting from SharePoint 2010 Workflow or SharePoint 2013 workflow to Power Automate.

Like the image above? Feel free to use it.

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  2. Hi. I don’t see any sources/references to the following two statements – “creation of new sharepoint designer 2013 workflows ‘blocked’ on new SPO tenants starting Aug 2020” and
    “creation of new sharepoint designer 2013 workflows ‘blocked’ on existing SPO tenants’ starting Nov 2020”

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