7 Keys to Securely hardening Microsoft 365

When it comes to cloud, Microsoft is super focused on Security. I would venture to say they have likely invested more in security than all their SAAS platform competitors combined. At the same time, it’s been a struggle to understand what tool to use when, and how to get licensed for it. In this illustrated infographic I’ve attempted to help you get your arms around the platform and the various security investments from privacy and tools to platform investments.

This infogrphic is shared with creative commons community share alike rights. Feel free to use it in your conversations in part or in whole in or presentations. You can download the 7 Keys to Harden Microsoft 365 infographic in PDF or JPG

I’m delivering a 1 hour webinar where we will look at the 7 Keys to Hardening Microsoft 365 for Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and More. You’ve invested in these platforms, but you’ll quickly find out that simply moving your data does not light up the security and compliance features and many of the lower level packages don’t come with the tools you need.

In this webinar sponsored by Coreview, we’ll dive into the various layers of security both in and on top of the platform as well as identify the space where partners are increasing the barriers and providing additional solutions on top of the Defender toolsets formerly known as Advanced Threat Protection.

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7 Ways to Harden and Secure Microsoft 365

  1. Enable Secure Access for Users with Azure Active Directory MFA
  2. Identify compromised identities or malicious insiders with Microsoft Defender for Identity
  3. Protect and Encrypt Sensitive Data with Microsoft Information Protection
  4. Manage and Protect Devices and with Secure Score for Devices
  5. Prevent Unauthorized Access and Sharing with Cloud App security
  6. Secure your Email and Files with Microsoft 365 Rights Management Policies and Defender for Microsoft 365
  7. Use Intelligent Insights and Guidance to Strengthen Your Organizational security posture with Microsoft Secure Score

In this session we’ll dive into the various layers of Microsoft 365 from identity, apps, services, and data to understand the best ways to prevent cyber attacks. We’ll look at 7 Key Ways to Harden Microsoft 365 including Microsoft Defender formerly known as Advanced Threat Protection. We’ll also dive into service configuration of Microsoft 365 to ensure identity, services and accounts are secured against common exploits and attacks. 

It’s been difficult in today’s modern work environment and it is getting more difficult to keep up with the technology. Learn to use Microsoft 365 effectively for active data governance, application security, and Shadow IT oversight. Coupled with disparate Admin Centers, and global admins having access to everything in your tenant, your organization is likely less secure than you think!

Register now to learn:

  • How to harden your admin accounts
  • Better understand licensing around security features of Microsoft 365 and what is required
  • How to segment your Microsoft 365 tenant to support a delegated admin model
  • How to focus on the various layers of service, data and information security for administrators
  • How to get a better handle on shadow IT and external sharing

Live Webinar with Q&A:

November 17th at 11:00AM Eastern & 8:00AM Pacific

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November 17th at 2:00 PM Eastern & 11:00AM Pacific

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