SharePoint and Teams are Getting Married at Ignite!

You may have heard about the InfoPath Funeral, but weddings are so much more fun! You may have heard that SharePoint has officially invited Teams to SharePoint Conference. It’s true. SharePoint and Teams are better together in more ways than one.

SharePoint and Teams Better Together
SharePoint and Teams getting hitched!

The relationship between Teams and SharePoint is an important one to the future of Office 365 and to the future of developers. I’ve heard people say things like… “Should we use SharePoint or Teams?” There are soooo many things wrong with that question. Others may say, we are going to use “Teams, we aren’t going to use SharePoint.” That’s even worse! SharePoint and Teams are made for each other. SharePoint may take a more behind the scenes role, but it isn’t any less important. Teams is the rising star of the show, and it should take a more major role this next year as Microsoft encourages people to move off Skype, but it is so much more than Teams. It’s innovation is in building presence and creating the one place. I could go on and on, and I want to make sure you understood why it’s important for the community to celebrate the union of Teams and SharePoint more officially. This isn’t some temporary thing where Teams goes it’s own path.

To celebrate this engagement the SharePoint & Teams Community would like to invite you to celebrate their union at a wedding.

Where: Miller’s Ale House, (International Drive)
8963 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

When: This will be during the #SharePint which is from 6:00pm-9:30pm. The wedding will begin at 7:30pm

Why: Because we want to. No, this is NOT endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft or Perficient. This is a community event hosted by @spcpartypatrol, Joel365, and Sponsored by ASPE and Crush Networks is covering the drinks, you can thank them. We will likely have other sponsors at the event, and it’s a good reason to have fun!

How: Register to get into the party. We need counts for drinks tickets and stickers.

>>Register for the SharePint at Ignite

>> Register for the Wedding at Ignite

>> Register to watch the Wedding LIVE online broadcast

Not making it to Ignite? No problem. We will be sending out a link to anyone who registers to watch the live broadcast!

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