Office 365 will No longer support Internet Explorer 8 after April 2014.

Wow.  If you haven’t been planning for what it means to drop support for IE you better start planning now.  I know a LOT of companies are still running IE 8, and a lot of it is because legacy apps haven’t been upgraded.

Exciting to think what this means for incremental updates for and what this might mean for UI improvements in Office 365.  Enough said.  We’ll hear more at SPC 2014!  See you there…




From the Office 365 message center: (requires Office 365 admin login)




Now is the time to consider your browser standards. 

“For the best, richest experience with Office 365, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 10 is available now, and Internet Explorer 11 is coming soon. Modern versions of Internet Explorer offer faster web browsing, integrated spell-checking, improved security, and more.
Internet Explorer 8 users will not be blocked from connecting to Office 365 after 8 April 2014; however, Internet Explorer 8 users should expect slower performance with Office 365’s Outlook Web App and other Office Web Apps.
If you experience a technical problem connecting to Office 365 from Internet Explorer 8 after 8 April 2014, Microsoft Customer Support and Service may need you to reproduce the problem on a supported browser.”

— Office 365 team

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  1. Hey Joel

    Worth expanding this point out further. Officially, all cloud services are converging on the same strategy of supporting the current and most recent versions of the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari). Office 365 is actually the only one still supporting IE8 and I’ve always assumed that’s because of WIndows XP which can’t run the newer IE versions.

    In April 2014, Windows XP goes out of support taking IE8 with it. But likely also IE9 given IE11 is now released. So people need to start thinking about a strategy that keeps the browser current. Chrome enforces it, IE doesn’t (yet).

    Also, the need to keep supporting IE8 for Windows XP users is potentially holding back HTML5 development so there could be a jump in features and capabilities within the browser UI for Office 365 once that support is no longer needed.

    Interesting times ahead! 🙂


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