SharePoint Days Slovenia 2013 Recap and Download Slides

Just finished up my sessions at SharePoint Days Slovenia and had an incredible time here with the people of the Balkans.


Pictured Above: Zlatan, Joel (me) and Branka the conference organizer, at one of beautiful lakes of Slovenia.  


Above: Packed Keynote in Slovenia held in a resort area called Terme Olimia known for its hot springs and spas. 

This hot springs resort is essentially a group of hotels connected through underground tunnels to health spas and even an underground night club.  I’ve never been at a hot springs that had over a dozen different steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas, at different scents, temperatures, and cultural settings such as music, seating arrangements and wood to tile, to reclining and even stars on the ceiling.  Incredibly relaxing.  I definitely took advantage of getting to know some of the other speakers. This two day event was a great business retreat with a strong focus on SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365 and Azure.









Slovenian Speaker Dinner.  Speakers from Sweden, LA, Bosnia & Herz., Croatia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Slovenia and more…

I did a keynote session on Finding Business Value in Enterprise Social Networking.  Essentially I built a business case around engagement a concept built around an annual poll that on engagement that Gallup does.  They recently released their 2013 world wide report and found that only 13% of the world is engaged.  The numbers are higher in Slovenia, but still a long way… which means huge opportunity to transform the business. You can view or download my slides on “Business Value in Enterprise Social” from I had a break out session on The New Enhancements in SharePoint 2013 around Video and the Asset Library including the HTML5 player, the Silverlight streaming player, and many features including embedding video from youtube and embedding your SharePoint videos on other sites.  I think we had more than half of the session in demo.  Those slides on Video and SharePoint 2013 are here. With people from mostly from Slovenia, but also some surrounding area.  This area is well served with a rich community. I had incredible time in this most beautiful region of the world.  You really do get the best of the old world castles, churches and history and nature with lakes, mountains, falls, and caves.


Speakers gather for a final picture before the event closes down.

This cave system we toured with a few of the speakers.  It’s 25+ KM of caves, 2KM train ride plus 2KM walk.  It’s been visited by over 35 million visitors since it opened.  It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen in the 30 plus caves I’ve explored.
















If you missed the Slovenia event, it will be back next year, or in less than 2 weeks the SharePoint Adriatics event is happening in Zagreb, Croatia. I spoke at this amazing event last year. Downloads: Finding Business Value in Enterprise Social (Yammer) What’s New in SharePoint 2013 Video and Digital Enhancements and Asset Library


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