Do Consultants Really Matter to SharePoint Success? #Infographic

I recently spent some time with AIIM (Association of Information and Image Management the Global Community of Information Professionals) digging into their survey results to really understand if consultants make a difference in deployments.  There surveys in the past have been extremely insightful into the state of SharePoint deployment and ECM usage.  I was also really curious how many deployments out there are really successful.  When I started digging in I found that the numbers were worse off than I thought.  I knew that a lot of customers were struggling with budget and resources, and but ultimately discovered that the biggest issue is lack of expertise! While there are a lot that feel like they are just about there, the sad thing is more are struggling or stalled or failed in their deployments.  People need help and they don’t know where to find it or they can’t seem to justify the budget to do it.


Four biggest issues: 1) Lack of expertise 2) Lack of Vision 3) Poor User Adoption 4) Lack of Governance

The high ambitions of SharePoint deployments often do result in SharePoint being used as a “glorified file share” and everyone is disappointed when that happens.

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While it may seem obvious that experience is what is needed for true success, when analyzing the data AIIM survey revealed that you are twice as likely to be successful when you have the help of specialists, those experts who have been there before.  I worked with AIIM on this Infographic to help make the data stand out from what was found in their survey from a little bit of data from both this years new survey and a little from last year.  I hope it is informative to you as it was for me.

Experience matters!

Want to read more about this amazing survey from AIIM…

“AIIM’s new research “SharePoint 2013 – clouding the issues” looks at how SharePoint 2013 brings new capabilities but also a number of new challenges.

In this report, we look at the adoption rates for SharePoint as an ECM/DM system, and overall project success – or otherwise. We measure the adoption of SharePoint 2013 and the difficulties that users report with their upgrades and migrations. We study the impact of the new 2013 features, particularly on third party add-on products. We look at the take up of the 365-product family, and the issues that cloud presents for SharePoint users.”

Download the report from AIIM

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  1. Excellent report. We are a SharePoint business applications vender, and see the lack of expertise issue all the time. For some reason IT people think that SharePoint is just another server so they don’t need to learn it, with disastrous consequences. SharePoint is a great platform, and a very different animal. Take the time to learn it.

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