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I’ve just completed the DNS update.  There is still a lot of clean up to do to get all the redirects working right.  The good news is… search works pretty well on the new platform.  So if you landed here you should be able to find the post you were looking for… if not, please add it to the comments with the post id number from the URL.  Guess what!?? Comments work!

Please join me in welcoming the new platform!  I’m very excited to serve my readers better with a much more engaging platform.  Excited to start Year 8 of blogging with a much improved interface!


Please update all your bookmarks and links to

Goals with my new blog!

1. Working comments with rich notifications for me, so we can really interact and engage in real conversations.

2. Better categories so it’ easier to keep the good stuff around for longer, and a much easier to use interface.  I’d be really surprised if you don’t immediately see and experience the improvements.

3. Cool features.  With all the plugins you’ll see the platform continuing to improve for your use.  If you think something is missing let me know.

4. Community Calendar.  I’m going to be a lot better at sharing where I’m going and when I’m doing webcasts and tons more about what’s going on in the community.  I’m also going to find a way to make it very easy for all of you to interact here.

5. The engagements I have with vendors should make a lot more sense now.  Technical content and blogs separate from vendor announcements and product reviews.  The site should load much faster and have a richer interface.

6. Every post should have a picture, so it should be more interesting and better when sharing the content on twitter, facebook, linkedin, and more.  I’ll continue to add better social integration features.

7. SEO, I know I already had pretty good SEO, but now it will even be better with better tags, URLs, topics, categories, and more…  Much much easier to find my good content.

8. Bigger and better.  You’re going to see me venture more into enterprise social networking and the evolution of MS to the Office 365 and Yammer cloud.  More about why in my new job in the next post.

9. CollabShow – Yes. More industry content for enterprise collaboration.

10. Love it, like it.  Let me know!!  I plan to do webcasts on a monthly basis and try to find a platform that allows a real “SHOW” type of experience.  I will continue connecting to the community and this will make it that much easier.

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  1. Love the move to wordpress. I really need to do the same, too. Thought of writing up your process behind the move similar to Andrew Connell did for his move?

    • My secret is an awesome developer friend. His name is Bjorn Furuknap. He’s put together some great scripts. The other secret is the amazing templates and plugins that wordpress has. I can’t believe how amazing they are. Very rich culture. How can we get that kind of rich design ecosystem in SharePoint or Yammer or really in the enterprise anywhere? Love to have support for WP templates on SP.

    • Thanks Tom! Glad you like it. Hope it is good for everyone!!

  2. Hi Joel,

    An announcement on the old blog would have been a good idea for us RSS users. If I didn’t know better, I would just assume that you had gone quiet.

    • Yes! Good Point. I need to update the old blog RSS. I have had a challenge getting the RSS moved over since Google bought feedburner a few years ago. Can’t seem to get logged in to change it.

  3. Great new Blog Bud. Love the clean template and the site already has a good amount of useful content right from the start. The old WP versus SharePoint issue for Blogs has me having to explain so many times to enterprises – why I as – a SP person prefer to use WordPress for external presence over SharePoint. (constraints, maintenance, design ecosystem etc). Personally I don’t really see it as ‘which is better’, to me its more like would you prefer a Porsche or a Canoe – well that depends if you are on a road or in the jungle. I would be interested to see a blog post from you on your thoughts and reasoning on it – as you are one of the longest standing SP guys I know. *nudge nudge plug plug*

  4. Just posted 5 reasons why I’m using WordPress for my SharePoint blog. I think there’s more detail on why I’m using WordPress despite the fact that I like it a lot.

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