Sharing The Point Colombia – Strong Community in South America

It started with a challenge getting out of Caracas.  After multiple flight delays we finally got on our flight to find that our plane would not be stopping in Bogota.  After some drama on the plane we got transferred to another flight on a competing airline.  Hint: Michael Noel is an expert negotiator and when combined with my bartering skills we make a great team. Within an hour we were on a competing flight to Bogota. TAME the company that decided they were going to cancel our flight and bump all of the Bogota passengers was more like “LAME.”  They wanted to put us on a flight the next day at the same time which would totally miss our Bogota event. 

The amazing thing that really turned around our night was meeting up with Andres and the welcoming committee when we landed.  It really was a breath of fresh air.  Bogota was beautiful and we felt extremely welcome.


To join the Community – Go to and click

The only community where we met up with SharePoint folks at the airport, was in Bogota.  Andres pulled together a real welcome committee which took us to our hotel, the venue, and then took us to an amazing colorful local world famous restaurant.


The community is very strong in Bogota.  I was quite surprised when I first started doing research on contacts and who to work with to pull off the series of events across Northern South America.  Communidad SharePoint Colombia recently had a 16 speaker SharePoint event with 2 tracks.  It was great to get connected with such a strong community with real leadership that has strong influence in the LATAM and Hispanic SharePoint Community.


Despite some awful logistics problems with the address of the event on (a google maps bug?) we still had a good showing of attendees at Sharing The Point Bogota.  We had over 120 register for the event.   Andres and I are wearing the cool V Neck T-shirts with a nice big Sharing The Point logo on back.

Sessions in Bogota…

SharePoint 2013 and the Mobile Enterprise Revolution

Joel Oleson

Ultimate SharePoint Infrastructure Best Practices

Michael Noel

Social Architecture of SharePoint for Developers

Paul Swider

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