Download Free E-book on SharePoint Deployment for Education

With Permission from SharePoint Expert Mike Herrity who writes the popular blog “SharePoint in Education.” I’m happy to pass along the news on their 3 year anniversary of the Twynham School SharePoint deployment.  Mike has been capturing screenshots, and documentation of their experience along the way.  Mike has been furiously documenting  in an E-book their SharePoint deployment experiences on their learning gateway now cover over 7 chapters.  They are happy to share their experience to help other deployments especially education based SharePoint deployments.

From Mike: “As a number of you will know over the last month I have been serialising parts of an E-book I have been writing. The E-book entitled Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10 is launched today, exactly three years from the first piece of work we did with SharePoint at Twynham School.”

Download or view the E-book SharePoint based “Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-2010”

Mike recommends…“I hope you find it of some use and please do pass it on to others as one example of what schools are doing with a Learning Platform.”

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