TechNet Radio: Large Scale Planning of SQL Server & Optimization for SharePoint

Just found out my Interview on TechNet radio was featured on the home page of TechNet.  Pretty cool.  Here are the details of the interview by Chris Caldwell…

“In this episode of TechNet Radio, our host John Baker interviews Joel Oleson, Sr. Product Manager and SharePoint Evangelist at Quest Software. Listen in as they discuss what considerations you should make around large scale SQL Server deployments with SharePoint. They also take an in-depth look at SQL Server Enterprise edition, database sizing, backup methodology and SharePoint recovery.”

Total Duration: 18:32

[ 1:30 ] Does Enterprise edition really matter when doing large scale deployment? 
[ 5:20 ] Database sizing, what works?
[ 11:03 ] What is the best method for backing up data in SharePoint?

Downloads (18 minutes):


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