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I was trying to scour the web for the best SharePoint Videos, Podcasts, Screencasts, and Webcasts.  I haven’t found an inclusive good list of all of them anywhere.  I’m sure I’ll miss some, but I promise to link to this list from my home page so we can gather a complete list via comments… Please help me find the best and don’t miss my upcoming featured webinar on SharePoint and Email Myths on Nov 20, 11am EST!

Zune Search for SharePoint…


On Zune I’m JoelOleson feel free to connect on Zune social.


iTunes search for SharePoint…



Top SharePoint Podcasts!


SharePoint Podshow – Rob Foster (MVP) @lespaulrob, Nick Swan (MVP), Brett Lonsdale – Includes 10 full half hour Podcasts to date.  They’ve done a great job of pulling in talent.  Recent Featured guests… Mike Fitzmaurice, Bill English, David Mann, Patrick Tisseghem (we miss you!) and Andrew Connell.  I’m still trying to catch up with these guys after an early misfire.  Personally I’ve seen this as one of the more popular ones. (Audio) [ITunes] [RSS] (Also listed in the Podcast Directory)

image  Mike GannottiOn the Go Postcasting [RSS – MP3 (Zune or iPod)] (Tons of quick hits… great stuff! Most recent on Zune for Mobile Training)


Channel 9 – These guys have really set the pace and set a high bar for technical content.  How they got the scoop on 14 is impressive.  Ok, they really do have an in, but this is the one to watch for early videos and interviews on 14.  (Video and streaming)  [RSS] [iPod/MP4] [Zune]


image MOSS Gone Wild – (Justin Jackson, Todd Kitta) 5 episodes (Workflow, Management, Updates… This podcast has promise.  Recent Guest: JD Wade.) [RSS]




image Productivity Podcast: Outlook Sharepoint and Business Technology by Andrea Kalli.  Embrace technology.  Lots of topics from Twitter, to shopping on Ebay, Outlook, and SharePoint file collab.



The SharePoint Brain Podcast – Joel Oleson’s thoughts on social networking, SharePoint Best Practices… He recently did a series on email management in SharePoint and even a tweetdeck video podcast.  Yeah, that’s me.  I added this one after I did the post. (NEW!)


Global Podcasts


image SharePointPodcast: Michael Greth (MVP) in Germany has been podcasting since 2005 (over 100!).  Mostly in German, but some select in English. [RSS] Other related podcasts that Michael Greth has done include sharepointdesignerhandbuch.de here you’ll find four screencasts on SharePoint Designer, on SharePointPartner.de, where you’ll find several videos and audio interviews with SharePoint partners .


image Luis Du Soldier G.  Spanish Podcast on the SharePoint Community – Communidad de SharePoint – Looks like like a monthly podcast.  Recent features… Mike Fitz and Lawrence Liu. (the interviews are in English :))  The interview with Lawrence is pretty funny.  I’ve been trying to catch up with Luis as well 🙂


A picture is worth 1000 words:

image image image image

Mostly .NET Developer Podcasts:

image .NET Rocks! Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell.  This podcast is very well established.  Internet radio talkshow for .NET developers.  Audio from Don Box, Mark Miller, Ron Jacobs, Jon Skeet and more…




image InformIT – Technews conversations and Tips from IT & Developers across a variety of development technologies and SharePoint. Joel: It’s hard core developer stuff.




image John Bristowe – Podcasts on current development and interviews that’s closer to the mark is Plumbers @ Work.  Includes info on Calgary code camp and codeplex solutions as an example.


image Scott Hanselman weekly podcast.  Need I say more!  Recent info on Windows 7 and PDC reactions.




image Markus and Lawrence host over 100 podcasts, designed to be educational for professional developers.




That’s just a sampling for developers…


Honorable Mention – Podcasts that have less than 2 podcasts or have no updates since 2008

Edge TechNet – if you want to get TechNet hip, you should subscribe to the "Edge" this new edgy place where more personality comes out.  First SharePoint vids is from Michael Noel on Virtualization (great presentation at Connections BTW.  Like I said there’s only one up there, so we need to get this one going.) – SharePoint Tag: [RSS] [iPod/MP4] [Zune] (Video)

SharePoint 101 – intro and features from June 2007

image SharePoint Show – 3 episodes from early 2006.  Interesting topics, just ahead of it’s time.  Dustin, you should pick this back up some time.  Looks like the links are down: http://www.sharepointshow.com/Podcasts/



image Microsoft.com Podcasts and SharePoint Server Podcasts (Mostly MSDN and some TechNet)  WMA  | MP3  (Lots of it is simply audio from MSDN webcasts) One episode on Microsoft TechNet webcasts.  The one that there has good reviews on enterprise search.



image John Holliday’s reflections.  1 webisode 4 minutes from a year ago.  John, we need more!




Collaboration Secrets – no podcasts yet as of 11/22/08

Create your own

Want to do some podcasting yourself?  Mike Gannotti (King of the SharePoint Video Blog) has made it easy with this video… Easy Podcasting with SharePoint. Also get the .ics Outlook calendar reminder for his weekly webcasts, most recently he provides guidance on the podcasting kit for SharePoint (link below).

Get the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (FREE!) on Codeplex. 

Other blog posts on incorporating podcasts into your SharePoint site, based on the comments, this hasn’t been too effective.  Mike Gannotti has been having good luck with his solutions from what I understand. 

Also if the Codeplex solution for podcasts is nice, but you want a fully supported one built on SharePoint… Look at Nintex Podcast Server 2008 (cool builtin silverlight based recorder, tell them Joel sent you…)

Found this source for what’s going on in relation to webcasts, audio, podcasts, etc… is TechNet Radio and the TechNet Webcasts Blog.


On Demand Video

MSDN Landing Page for SharePoint Videos and Webcasts. (Tons of resource links)

TechNet SharePoint Task Based Videos (For IT Pro, including a 3 day series for training) and Demos (updated 10/30)

video YouTube is where SharePoint Community Video is happening!

A lot of people have been contributing to this video community with their own "channels".  Over 853 videos as of now have been uploaded to Youtube including some from Microsoft SharePoint (58 Videos!) SharePoint Hosting (10 videos – great channel), getsharepoint (5 videos),  Bamboo (8), SharePoint User Groups and from Asif’s SharePoint Vids (5),  End User SharePointDriskell (Best practices conf) (28) (Persians even…)

Microsoft’s Office Online SharePoint 2007 Features Videos – (27 end user focused videos) simple to more complex user focused videos examples include how to setup a KPI, use word to post a blog, create a deck from slides in a slide library, enable Excel Services.  Streamline business processes with SharePoint workflows. (From here you can navigate to the other Office client videos including SharePoint Designer.

SharePoint Server Virtual Labs – TechNet Content for learning SharePoint Server (Hands on)

SharePoint-Videos.com, SharePoint-Screencasts.com Asif Rehmani’s screencasts of Overview, End User and Admin SharePoint videos.  There are over 34 free ones from my last count.  You can buy them all on DVD for a price.

Todd Klindt (MVP) IT Screen Casts – SQL 2008/Windows 2008 and SharePoint, and What is SharePoint and Why you should care… more coming.

Bob Fox (MVP) Screencast SharePoint IT How To’s… Setting up AAMs, installing SharePoint on Windows Server 2008, backup/restore, managed paths, etc…

Shane Young (MVP) Webcast – How to make sure your SharePoint deployment doesn’t blow up.

Free Workflow How to Videos – Robert Shelton- "This is the series of "How to" Document Workflow with SharePoint using Visual Studio 2008 (using the .NET Framework 3.0 for backward compatibility to Visual Studio 2005).  I have created video’s that show the most common requests that I have seen around MOSS/SharePoint 2007 workflow & document workflow."  (Also includes one on setting up incoming and outgoing email.) [RSS feed]

Lots of paid ones with a couple of free samples… (such as sharepoint-training.com too many to count.  Many of these have either end user training or support videos.) and Learnsharepoint.com – Couple of select FreeVideos SharePoint Tutorials and training videos

Microsoft’s Office Online Webcasts and Podcasts – includes a few hour long 100 level content for end users.  Including Top 10, and tips and tricks.  Podcasts include one on process driven collab and a tips and tricks to getting started. (I’m dissapointed there is no RSS, also looks static.  The plus is the streaming content. For more recent content I’d suggest watching from their home page for MS webcasts podcasts (Audio, Video and Streaming)

MSN Video (More community driven content) a bunch of SharePoint videos.  You can see them ordered by most viewed.  Sorry I couldn’t find a good link other than the home page.

TechNet Spotlight On Demand Video Blog

Tech Ed Online (Bunch of on demand video from Tech Ed) – Example: SharePoint Reporting What’s Up Video by Joel Oleson and Mike Watson

Quest SharePoint Youtube Videos – These are a collection of funny product videos (spin off from MAC vs. PC) for SharePoint and other products.  Also Kevin Kline’s SQL training.


Other Resources

What’s the difference between a podcast and on demand video.  Well with a podcast you should be able to download an MP3 ideally you’d be able to sync a bunch of them to your Zune or iPod/Iphone device.  The on demand video often isn’t in a format that you can download especially if it’s on YouTube an ASMX or streaming.  There are ways of converting the formats, to get it to your device but I’ll leave that for another day. 

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