Largest Global SharePoint Webinar/Webcast Ever!

Debunking Myths on Email and SharePoint Management

<updated> You can get an on demand copy here of the webinar and whitepaper: "Myths and Truths of Email Management with SharePoint"

 A few people have been asking me who should care.  The audience for this one is really IT, IT management, across SharePoint, Exchange, Public Folders, SMTP, Notes, Websphere or anywhere where responsibility falls in ownership, configuration, or planning around the following:

  • Managed Folders
  • Public Folders
  • AD (OU and contact objects)
  • Email Archiving
  • Email based application development
  • Calendaring
  • File Sharing
  • Storage

Updated: Post Event this wecast had over 2000 registrants and 800 participants.

Resources referred to and discussed in the presentation:

I refer to a number of resources in the deck, and I totally anticipate people looking for these resources.  First off, all of what you see and hear will be available on demand.  Obviously live is more fun. 

Exchange Team Blog Post Guidance on PF Futures

2006 Exchange 12 and Public Folders – Terry Meyerson

2008 Updated Exchange Public Folder Guidance – Jim Lucey

KB on limit the growth of the PF stores

SharePoint team blog Guidance Cross Posted Guidance on SharePoint and Public Folders

Working with large lists scalability whitepaper – Steve Peshka

Capacity boundaries article on TechNet

Using Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server to implement a large-scale content storage scenario with rapid search availability – Russ Houberg Knowledge Lake, MCS 

Optimizing render time of sites and reducing database blocking and scanning for lists over 3000 in one view is outlined in a recent performance whitepaper by Microsoft IT

Steve Smith’s (Combined Knowledge) setting up email enabled lists

Quest MessageStats – Public Folder Assessment tool

Quest Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint – I’ve heard good things.  I’m anxious to check it out.

Colligo Contributor – 2 way sync tool for Offline SharePoint

Additional Resources:

What about Public Folders and Email Enabled Lists – Joel Oleson blog – – Public Folder Migration to SharePoint site – First glance this looks like a very simple tool, not sure if it scales.  I see it simply has an executable, and the issues list has a couple of basic issues, but hey it’s free sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you get lucky.

Notes Migration Tools

Blog Post of Notes Microsoft’s Migration Tools

Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange 

Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint


What happens after I register?  You simply provide contact information and then you’ll get an email with a link to the site where the event will be hosted and will become live 15 minutes before it starts.

What happens if I don’t get the email?  Go back to the registration site try again and it will drop you onto the right page.  Worst case… If it doesn’t… email me and I’ll send you the link.

Can I register if I don’t belong to a corporation?

Can I register if I’m a Notes or Exchange person?  Yes, in fact those Exchange and Notes people should get relevant data out of this session.  If you’re thinking about migrating or using SharePoint, you should find value in the presentation.

Will I be able to interact or is this a one way webcast?  You will have a rich 45-55 minutes of content with 15-5 minutes of Q/A.  All questions will receive answers (or at least an attempt :).

New Whitepaper

A brand new whitepaper by me, discussing this topic will be available following the event!

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