Join the Ministry of Silly Walks Flashmob at #SPC19

And Now for Something Totally Different… Those who know me know I’m a HUGE fan of community and love to put on silly things.  Some remember the Infopath funeral for good or for worse.  Others may remember the year we sang our hearts out “Don’t Stop Believing” when we were concerned SharePoint was taking a back seat to things like Yammer and becoming simply “sites” in Office 365.

This year I want to do something totally different and even more Silly.

Silly Walks Featured Photo

I’m assembling a Ministry of Silly Walks for a Community March Through the Exhibit hall at #SPC19 on the first day May 21 at lunch time.  Eat your lunch quick and meet us at the entrance of the expo hall… don’t miss the music.  We start marching at 1:01pm sharp.

What is a Silly Walk?  Haven’t heard of Monty Python?  It’s an international Phenomena see more on the Monty Python website on International Marches.  I want this to be the biggest one ever.

How do I register or get involved?  You can register on #SPCSillyWalks on Eventbrite or on The Facebook Events for #SPCSillyWalks

I’m looking to recruit the true Monty Python Fans.  For those of the Organizing Committee Ministry I will get us Bowler Hats and Mustaches.  I’m working with Apps 365 as sponsor for T-shirts for attendees.  They are totally on board and love it.  Any other vendors who want to help.  Please reach out.  We can always use more swag.

When: May 21, 2019 at 1PM Pacific Time (Las Vegas)

Where: MGM Grand SPC Expo Hall Entrance (more details provided to those who register, but registration is not required)

What should I bring: Plan to bring a funny hat, suit coat, umbrella, and whatever other silly props along with your best silly walk
Remember to register on #SPCSillyWalks on Eventbrite or on The Facebook Events for #SPCSillyWalks

Not yet involved at SPC?  Get registered and use my invite code for a discount.  It’s going to be a blast.  I’m speaking on SharePoint Search.  More on that in another post.

Register for SharePoint Conference North America May 21-23 Discount Code OLESON

Want to be part of the Flying Circus Band?   I’m looking for Flying Circus style Tuba player, Trombone player, and a whistle chorus etc… (Song is “Always look on the bright side of Life”) various percussion options.

If you’re absolutely confused.  It’s probably a problem with your walk and we at the Ministry can help you with that.

monty python swing dance GIF

Reach out to me or on twitter at @joeloleson

Need some practice or inspiration on Silly Walks?

Here’s some history on Silly Walks

Here’s the original Hillarious and Fantastic Monthy Python Sketch from 1970.

#SPCSillyWalk #MontyPython



InfoPath is Dead

Revealing Details #MusicalFlashMob and #InfoPathFuneral at #SPC14

I’m pretty excited about #SPC14.  I love the social gatherings that happen around the event.  For me the SharePoint Conference is about networking.  There is really no better opportunity to meet with SharePoint influencers around the world than at this event.  Believe me.  I love the events in Austrailia, New Zealand and the event coming up in Barcelona, but where else can you hang out with top influencers from Malaysia, Denmark, and Colombia all in one place.  Sure there’s MVP summit, but that club is not for everyone.

Behind the scenes I’ve been collaborating with a team to organize and put together the plans for a couple of social community led, free opportunities.

Musical Flashmob

I’ve been debating how much information I should release.  Reality is I want to make sure we get good participation and we get the audience that want to get involved and participate.  We will be singing a SharePoint version of “Don’t Stop Believing!”  The message is really around SharePoint and the struggle of this past year with the move to the cloud.  Some have felt abandoned as they may have lost their jobs as the companies move their data to the cloud.

Image: Source: GLEE on Freebase, licensed under CC-BY

I’m still looking for more singers as part of the choir. No dancing required.

Join the Flashmob

We will be holding a practice on Sunday afternoon.  All of the details for practice, words to the song, and more will be sent to those who have signed up.  We are also looking for people who don’t want to sing, but want to get involved.  We have a percussion group to keep the beat and play air instruments.  Great opportunities for air guitar in this song!

InfoPath Funeral

The InfoPath funeral is a great opportunity to gather with other SharePoint folks who were impacted both by the lack of direction by this team, or have built their careers on this software.  We really want both to join us in saying good bye to InfoPath.  I surely don’t want to wait till 2023 to say good bye.  Join me as we carry the InfoPath coffin through the exhibit hall and Rest In Peace… InfoPath in the community area.  Wearing black is optional.


We will be gathering at noon on Monday at the entrance to the exhibit hall.  Signing up is not required, but for pall bearers please register so we can coordinate.  We also will have face makeup for anyone interested in day of the dead facepainting.

Join the InfoPath Funeral Procession


(Image Credit: Yulia Mayorova via Shutterstock/davidford via iStock/Salon)