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Does InfoPath Still Have You Paralyzed and Holding Your Breath?

Don’t Hold Your Breath! Get updated on the latest of the challenges of InfoPath Migrations to PowerApps.

Microsoft Teams Doorway to the Microsoft Modern Workplace Infographic

Microsoft Teams Modern Workplace

Microsoft Teams has really shaken up the industry. It’s amazing how quickly MS Teams went from a new product to adoption by 90% of the Fortune 100.

Evolution of ECM with Microsoft Modern Content Services

Evolution of Content Services – Microsoft Modern Content Services Infographic is shared with creative commons share alike. You can share this infographic with your company, use it in your slides or in your blogs or post it on LinkedIn or in a Facebook group.… Continue Reading “Evolution of ECM with Microsoft Modern Content Services”

Migrate to Office 365 or Upgrade to SharePoint 2019?

SharePoint Upgrade or Migrate?

One of the biggest questions people have been asking with the release of SharePoint 2019 is what should I do now. There are still approximately 30-40% of SharePoint customers who are in either a partial cloud with hybrid scenario or are fully on premises… Continue Reading “Migrate to Office 365 or Upgrade to SharePoint 2019?”

12 SharePoint and Teams Integration Points Infographic

Download the infographic and share and use it how you’d like… SharePoint and Teams are Better Together: Here are 12 Ways… Add your SharePoint Pages to Teams Documents added to Teams are automatically stored in SharePoint and OneDrive SharePoint enabled coauthoring protols in Office… Continue Reading “12 SharePoint and Teams Integration Points Infographic”