Microsoft Announces Delve Availability – Delve Hits the Shelves

Office 365 Delve

Well, Delve is making its way out to customers today via Office 365.  I’m excited to see what this will do to boost adoption, search, and discovery.  The idea of push technology and artificial intelligence trying to understand what is most important to you is HOT technology these days.  I recently posted on an article about the trends that are happening in this space titled “Artificial Intelligence is Resurrecting Enterprise Search.”  Both the advancements in Cortana as your personal virtual assistant with Windows 8.1 mobile, and Delve as your assistant in the cloud bringing you what’s new, what’s relevant and what’s happening.  The extensibility of bringing more than just Office 365 data is the vision.  As the world of anticipating what you need to be productive enterprise search really has got a boost in the arm.  This isn’t just about your home life.  With reminders, travel, and juggling appointments and getting access to news and relevant information in context of your day this is no longer about consumer data and it’s quickly becoming not only about your work, but a blend of work and life in a harmonious balance with privacy, security and contextual relevance.

Don’t see Delve yet? It will come if you are licensed for it.  It simply starts showing up on the bar like the picture below.

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Delve this morning popping up in Office 365…


Delve Start Screen Office 365

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