Social Architecture for Yammer, Office 365 and SharePoint 2013

Social Compliance

Yesterday, was joined by a couple hundred people on a fascinating webinar with AIIM and Microsoft.  I introduced some new concepts around a social architecture including a new Information Architecture Pyramid for SharePoint architects or deployment planners.  I’ve done a lot of whiteboarding in my day around governance.  I hope this and the diagrams in the deck find their way into more social planning sessions.  I’d love to hear your feedback.


Here’s an example of a hybrid SharePoint 2013, Office365 and yammer information architecture

Example Hybrid Social Architecture


Social Architecture


In the migration to the cloud and as adoption increases those items that are mostly uncustomized are better candidates for the cloud.  There are a number of considerations.

  • Dev Assets/Customizations
  • Data Sensitivity/Confidentiality
  • Line of Business Integration


I see SkyDrive Pro, and the utility based team sites that really are quick and agile with little to no customizations as the first candidates to go to the cloud.  As well yammer which is cloud based is also a great area to begin using the cloud for many businesses.  Others may opt to use on premises for both social and personal storage.


I’ve found the Intranet portal itself is often the last to go to the cloud due to the high amount of integration, customizations.  As well there may always be sensitive confidential data that is held on-premises in SharePoint.


Hybrid search in SharePoint 2013 does support providing a unified experience of results from both cloud and on-premises.  There are a number of articles on technet for setting up authentication and configuring indexing.


There is a struggle for what should go where.  I’ve included a few different options in the slides I presented yesterday in the AIIM webinar.  I’ll be presenting an updated form of this slide deck in Amsterdam at SharePoint Connections as well as in Slovenia at the SharePoint Conference.  Over the next couple of months I plan to share more thoughts on social compliance and in planning successful enterprise social networks stay tuned for more here on


You can download my slides for more detail:


SharePoint 2013 and Office 365: Collaboration, Cloud and Compliance

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  2. This is a very practical diagram. Very well represented. I like the idea of using cloud and on-premise together, each playing to their own strengths.We have been going this route at Acuvate for an year with most of our applications running on our on-prem farm, remote teams using team sites on Office 365 and Yammer acting as the social layer. Has worked well for us so far.

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