SharePoint Governance Infographic and Strategic Planning

Most Acknowledge SharePoint Governance is Extremely Important and Still Few Have Defined Strategy…

I was excited to get a copy of the Infographic on SharePoint Governance.  These survey results really speak to the state of deployments out there and help reinforce the importance of planning.  This infographic put together by Axceler speaks to a number of issues going on with SharePoint deployments.  Christian Buckley shared this with me and asked me to share some thoughts.

First, I was very surprised to see the sheer number of customers with multiple versions of SharePoint at 44% with 14% running thee versions or more!  SharePoint 2010 is by far the largest deployment at 72% with 54% still large group running SharePoint 2007.

SharePoint Governance Infographic


The infographic speaks to how primitive and under utilized strategic planning and governance are in the real world. An overwhelming majority of 41% are just beginning to plan and build out their governance plans. What’s surprising is most agree as 67% feel governance is extremely or very important, but only 26% have done anything about it. I hope many will take this as an opportunity. Yes, it’s important and can mean the difference between chaos and sanity.

I hope many do take advantage of the results of the survey by Axceler and use this to get a start in the right direction. In a couple of weeks I’m going to be spending a few days conducting interviews and compiling a SharePoint 2013 governance plan, complete with service-offering diagrams with a simple template that can be consumed by the community to help people get started.  More on that later.

Feel free to share the Infographic on your favorite social media.  It speak volumes about the current state of SharePoint…

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