Warning SharePoint 2010 Visual Upgrade Not Being Performed

In preparation for SharePoint 2013, we recently started trolling our SharePoint environment and were surprised to find that nearly 70% of site collections still have some remaining sites that are still running in 2007 mode.

First off, isn’t that horrible that for the last year we have tons of users that aren’t taking advantage of the new features including improved cross browser compatibility, improved Mac support, and better access to workflows and managed metadata, and can you believe it? They haven’t had access to site analytics since the upgrade!

In my digging I found that Microsoft put together a video for their own Office 365 visual upgrades on Making the Switch to the SharePoint 2010 User Interface

You may not be thinking about SharePoint 2013 upgrade yet, but if you’ve completed your upgrade you may want to look at the sites that haven’t been upgraded.

We’ll be doing hundreds of visual upgrades this week; Josh Boyles put together a Windows Powershell script to make this go a lot easier.


There are a few resources to first detecting the site collections and webs that are not yet visually upgraded, and more for upgrading them.

Read the Understanding Visual Upgrade MSDN reference

Todd Klindt: Using PowerShell to control Visual Upgrade (I recommend reading the comments as well)

MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.spsite.visualupgradewebs(office.14).aspx


Josh Boyles put together a Windows Powershell script to make this go a lot easier in our case we wanted to focus on sites we already previewed and made a list of those safe to visually upgrade. I see that Todd Klindt put together a script as well in the reference above.


##toupgrade.txt should be a list of root site collections, one URL per line


$toUpgradeLoc = read-host "F:PathofFileofListOfSitestoUpgrade.txt"

$toUpgrade = @()

$toUpgrade = get-content $toUpgradeLoc


foreach ($site in $toUpgrade) {

     $SiteCollection = Get-SPsite $site

     foreach ($SPWeb in $SiteCollection.AllWebs) {

           $SPWeb.UIversion = 4




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