Looking forward to peaceful resolution and democratic Egypt!

It was such a relief to hear from my friends in Egypt the last couple of days. 

Marwan Tarek

Ohhhh. We are back online 🙂

Marwan Tarek

We are safe, all Egyptians were one hand last 4 days defending their homes, All public and private properties

Ayman El-Hattab

To people in Tahrir Square: Please please be grateful and not stubborn!! In any negotiation, you should never expect a 100% agreement on what you want… We can have faith in Mubarak who gave his word in front of the world. In case he didn’t DO what he said, we NOW know our way to Tahrir Square.. Please spread… Please save the country..

Marwan Tarek

Proud to be Egyptian. Proud to see how youth spears their words to everyone in peaceful civilized manner all one hand for more freedom all one hand to protect their homes and families

Looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of the people of Egypt again soon, in April hopefully!

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