People of Egypt We Hear You

I spent a few days last year in Egypt Cairo and Luxor.  It quickly became very close to my heart.  Egypt is not only the most populated country in the middle east but is in many ways the key to our past and our future.

The pyramids the icon of the ancient world, the only surviving of the seven ancient wonders of the world, attract tourists from all over the world and likely the most recognized object on the earth.

My visit with the Egypt SharePoint User Group continues to be one of my all time favorite. 

In the SharePoint Community we have very strong leadership.  Both Marwan and Ayman not only run the user group, but are very involved in the community outside of Egypt including speaking and running and speaking at #SPSEMEA.

Marwan Tarek, SharePoint Technology Specialist and former SharePoint MVP @marwantarek blog:

Ayman El-Hattab, SharePoint MVP @aymanelhattab

Mai Omar Desouki (An Avid SharePointer)

Joel Oleson: I understand you live in Egypt. How is the protesting? I am just wondering if it’s real hype, something that might just happen one day? I hear they are blocking twitter.

  • January 25 at 5:09pm ·
    • Mai Omar Desouki yes .. we all pray something would really happen like action and not just words but from pic as we see on fb, soon there will be action, but as we all know, people are tired and trying to express in one way or another, and we all feel sad we reached this. also in Egypt news NOTHING is showing what is happening in the streets… which we know they will cover it.. but mobile uploads on fb made the whole know everything.. that was huge indeed yesterday.

      January 26 at 1:36am

  • Shady Khorshed Abo Yusuf

    just back from downtown , el2s3af feha geeeesh amn markazy motamrkez feha, ma7atet metro elsadat blocked #egypt #jan25

Egypt Speakers at Office and SharePoint 2010 Launch


My visit to Egypt was one of the most incredible of my life.  It’s for this reason that I’ve been planning on bringing my family… even bought the tickets.

The people of Egypt have come together through the amazing use of social media through Facebook and Twitter #JAN25 the people of Egypt have come together peacefully and asked for…

  • An end to Mubarak’s 30 year regime
  • Reform in Police Brutality and Corruption #KhaledSaid
  • People’s choice in a democratically elected President
  • End to poverty

MOST BEAUTIFUL SUBVERSIVE ACT OF PROTEST! An Egyptian anti-government activist kisses a riot police officer #Egypt

I know the world is watching with interest.  I encourage you to not look at what’s happening in horror, but to look at it as an amazing and incredible demonstration of the people demanding change.  It takes a lot to stand up and say enough!

P.S.  Please pray for Tareq Ali’s brother, he was injured in the protests in Egypt (Shared from Ayman SharePoint MVP in Egypt)


Consider making the Egypt flag or favorite Egypt image as your profile pic on twitter and/or facebook to show solidarity.


Old Technology Finds role in Egyptian protests

Women of Egypt – Why do I like this facebook album? Because to me this really shows it’s about all the people.

Egypt Leaves the Internet

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